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The Reluctant Healer: The Joy of Reinventing Yourself and Living your life as a work of art!



I've been meaning to write this for several weeks now, but the truth is that I've been too busy in my garden! The summers intense heat has required me to water constantly, but we've had a bit of rain this week so I'm taking a moment to really enjoy some quiet time and to reflect upon the last few months. Many of you know that in January I began a year long certification program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, which will be complete in Midwinter 2013 which I am loving. I thought that would be enough to keep me occupied for a while, but since my father died I feel an urgency to get to grow all of the seeds that were planted in my heart so many years ago. So I'm about 20 days from finishing up my Reiki Masters level training and in a month or two will be embarking on a three year journey to become a  Community Herbalist. Oh and did I mention that in a few months I will be certified to teach David Wolfes theories of Raw Food and Longevity? Phew...I am studying all of the time right now and it really feels good! Right now, this monastic life suits me...I'm a bit like a cloistered monk with gorgeous gardens full of healing plants, ripening raspberries and plenty of cats....The life I've always wanted!


I must say that It is facinating to be reinventing myself at this late date but I seem to have no choice in the matter!  I'm exploring possibilities for this next part of my life that I've never even considered….like a new career with my husband combining everything I/we love…life coaching, healing work, organic food, sustainable living, herbalism, social media and beautiful living and entertaining….I don't know what this looks like, perhaps it would be clearer to say that I've already started to plant this particular hedgerow, but not ever really fertilized the soil so that they could grow! 

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For me, the healing work has always been something that I came to reluctantly, although from the time that I was very young I showed real talent for it. I almost started a blog once called The Reluctant Healer, but I didn't..that's how reluctant I've been! Hence this new category of The WIndesphere Witch!  For some reason in this part of my life (I'm 52) it feels really appropriate to finally let the genie out of the bottle…..I don't care anymore what others think and that's a true blessing. I've learned that you can't ignore yourself forever without losing a huge chunk of your soul….When my dad died recently, being a part of his process brought it back to me. I can't , nor do I wish to turn back the clock simply because of what anyone might think or say about me. I've been a happy little good witch since I was a little kid and although I laughingly have acknowledged it, I've never fully embraced it.  I'm ready to have the full out crystal filled,wand waving,  spell casting magical life that I always dreamed was possible..that I've kept hidden in the closet because of my "social standing" and what others might think…… truth is, I've never really been able to hide it..people always knew....I guess I'm just ready to enjoy it. So what about you? Are any of you feeling a push to recreate your life and what steps are you taking to do it?