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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Today is the Day!



 Ascension Flame

May 20th. - June 20th.  We have been Blessed with Great Gifts;  The Balancing of the Male - Female Energy - Solar eclipse.  Let's feel Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy flow through Our Body Temples - and Live to Express Each moment the Gift given each of us to use to Balance the Energy of our Universe. 

Today is a great opportunity to Live our Life to the Fullest - This Solstice is the Bench Mark of Ascension Today As we honor THE ASCENSION FLAME Which is the WAY BACK HOME,  for all mankind. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART is! It can ascend any and all conditions _ This day focus on the White Flame of Purity, Resurrection and Ascension.


 Today is the Day to Release Our Consciousness and allow It to Ascend above distress onto Peace From Poverty and Opulence, from Discord into Perfection, To ascend and condition from Limitation into Harmony.  This year we are given the activities of Divine Alchemy.  It has taken 880 to 90 years of bringing forth The Great Golden Age!  Today is the Day to MASTER OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and fellow being with the Ascension Flame.

                            Go with Love,

                              Lawanna Rine

You can make an appointment with LaWanna by calling 330-878-7379 

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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge!

Lotus LOdge
Lotus Lodge

There are reasons that my son calls me an old hippy! For one thing, since he was a little boy his home has been filled with a vast collection of drums , feathers, crystals and strangers wandering in and out at all strange times of the day in search of soothing reiki and soul retrievals. His early years were spent traveling with his father and me to a lovely retreat center in the forests of Southern Ohio to a place called Lotus Lodge which is run by a lovely woman named LaWanna Rine. Lotus Lodge was the first place that I ever came to understand how fragrance and healing were inextricably linked. LaWanna is a wonderful old soul who is gifted with a profound knowledge of herbs, essential oils and all of their properties. She believes profoundly in the existence of many Ascended Masters and she dresses everyday in a rainbow of beautiful colors.... she will never wear black. She has the most amazing collection of costume jewelry that I have ever seen and is never without at least 10 pieces of it. She is without a doubt the most gorgeous 85 year old woman that I’ve ever seen, she only looks to be about 70. She is filled with songs and the most amazing energy that carries her up her hills for long walks with her dogs everyday. She always smells wonderful, covered with the herbs and oils that are her allies. She’s sophisticated and utterly luminous at the same time. For the sake of many of the old hipsters who may be lurking here, meeting her for the first time is a bit like meeting your fairy godmother while you’re tripping. I’m sure that anyone my age will know exactly what I mean! Did I mention that she has crystals everywhere the size of boulders?

Quan Yin
Quan Yin

Walking into Lotus Lodge for the first time is a purely pleasurable assault on the senses. There is always a fire in the woodstove and a pot of fresh herbal tea simmering in the kitchen. LaWanna’s always baking something wonderful too, gluten free and vegan. After many hugs , she looks at you and assesses what you need. Most often, it’s an essential oil and hot stone massage in her wonderful treatment room with Enya playing and plenty of time to relax. Sometimes, she will draw you a warm bath with candlelight in her old clawfoot tub, to which she will have added epson salts, oils and the fresh tinctures that she makes from plants that she grows and uses for their healing properties. One beautful summers day she brought her massage table out onto her vast porch which overlooks the artesian spring and her beautiful woods. When I asked what I was supposed to do, she laughed , told me to take my clothes off and she proceeded to give me a massage with the most wonderfully fresh watermelon pulp . Then she rinsed it all off with warm herbal water and used her special blend of almond oil and essential oils to finish. To say that I was in heaven is nothing short of an understatement.

86 Years Young!

Whatever she chooses for you that day is exactly what you need and you always leave refreshed , filled with optimism and plenty of treats! Almost everything that I’ve learned over the years about healing and herbalism I learned from her…she remains to this day one of my greatest teachers. I’ve recently reconnected with LaWanna after a couple of years and walked into her lodge to find an amazing vegetarian brunch waiting for me and the lady herself hard at work at her desk with papers flying all around in typical LaWanna fashion. “I’ve got so much to share…I can’t stop writing! Do you think that you could help me get it out to world on the internet?”. So I’ve created her very own own category here at the Windesphere Witch called “Love Letters from Lotus Lodge” and you’ll occasionally see one from her. It will be flowery and abundant just like the lady herself and full of her native wisdom and if you find yourself intrigued LaWanna can be reached to schedule an appointment at 330-878-7379.

Bewitching words of Wisdom: LaWanna Rine- Live the Life YOU were Created to Live!

My father said to me once a very long time ago...."Dear, you're very strange...but that's ok, because it takes wierd people like you to make some things happen in this world " He passed from this earth plane this week and since I've felt him strongly in everything I've done. In his memory I'd made the decision to reclaim my "oddness", and put it to use in the world in a way that perhaps could make a difference. Wouldn't you know in that spirit I received a phone call this morning from one of my greatest teachers ...a fabulous woman named LaWanna Rine whose entrance into my life was such a powerful blessing so many decades ago. She's 86 years young and still is one of my greatest teachers.

 She told me she'd written something and she asked my help to put it out there into the Universe. Here it is below, not a moment too soon for us I think. We are in the midst of interesting times, but if we're open to the energies around us amazing things can happen for us all. Remember...It's really only and always about how well and how much you allow yourself to be open to LOVE.....



6-4-2012 - Full Moon Eclipse bringing in The Divine Feminine Balance


6-6-2012- Venus in transit- Integration with Sirius and The Pleiadian Alliance heralding the Full Return of the Golden Dolphin Energy!


"Live the life you were created to live….


When God’s first breath entered you at the moment of Birth- Each of you were given a gift to share with the Universe.  The last Golden Age is here- Glow Wo-Man GLOW!


Let’s start anew- Let the instructions we honour be based upon logic and common sense. Since the words “I AM” are the two most used and powerful in any language- I call that feeling of Love I feel when I thank God, when I look at nature, the moon, the sun, the Love that surrounds me and fills my heart with Gratitude.  I feel this presence coming Alive within me- So I am always say my I AM Presence – That way I identify with God power- God Illumination, God LOVE- I can’t respond to a white robed figure sitting somewhere in the sky -on a throne-Judging me-


The feeling of GOD LOVE so saturates my every cell- I know my body is my Temple!


Many years ago I lived in Pain and was told by many doctors – I couldn’t live- I went home from the hospital with no intention of ever going back-


I saw a purple flower and I was inspired to destroy all the black in my wardrobe- and focus on the Color Purple as I had a fire pit outside- I would focus on the Violet Blaze and lit candles with a Violet Flame- The more I wore Purple or Violet and ate Purple colored foods such as  Blueberries , Purple onions etc- The pain started leaving my body-


I found a book on Breathing- was inspired to take Yoga and was invited to teach Yoga on TV- I wore Violet Leotards- encourage students to focus on the Purple candle- There were write-ups in the newspapers about me- The Purple Lady-


So since the 60’s I have walked and talked the Path of the Violet Flame- The doctors have passed- I am 86 years young- I AM Presence fills me with the Violet Flame- And I AM so excited to share my secret with the universe so we can welcome this year 2012 into the New Golden Age with Eternal Life and Eternal Youth  !"

 LaWanna is an extraordinary healer and can be reached always with love at 330-878-7379