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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: I Am Asking



    Would you believe with all the disturbance going on in our country and our world today - that you , I and so many others can make a powerful difference?  God has given America to be Free! Today I am Asking for Volunteers - to daily take a few minutes and charge our beloved America with the Immortal Flame of the Cosmic Christ's victory whose Love now blazes its fire everywhere within our borders so that all of  America's people awaken and enter it's heart,claiming their own, and holding in Freedom the authority of our great nation and the Victory of the Cosmic Christ and the Love of the Everlasting Command of God's Eternal Perfection!


    Let us make a difference - never give up!   The God Presence within you can see and feel complete perfection for Our America! Ask the God Presence within you and around you to clear the Atmosphere of all of the misused energy that we've put into national affairs and allowing for the the greatness of Human Creation to fill up our nation with so much Light- there can be no darkness - let the Sunshine of your own "Beloved I am Presence",shine through all over this beloved land regardless of the shadows that seem to have gathered all throughout the country! 

Let's look at it this way!  Really there is no difference between a National House cleaning and your own  personal housecleaning!  It's much the same except that you alone clean your home - Now I am asking for all of us together to help inspire America - the powerful Home of all who dare to create. I am asking you to move everything around, banish the negative, create beautiful new ideas and feelings. If we allow for the  energy of Good God Ideas to flourish within ; with all of us visualizing Our Country; our beloved Nation will emerge from this confusion cleaned, purified and beautiful!  What a difference we will make  if we work together!

 My Beloved "I am Temple of Radiant Lights" is a sanctuary and an altar of Peace and Love!  I always affirm that  "no one come on the property with negative intent - and only bring positive thoughts and feeling.  Since 1974 I've shared with friends and clients Divine Love, Illumination and God's Power - So today I am asking that this sanctuary stay a focus of strength and power and that it continue to be the strength of the Light of Encouragement to all that come in contact with it and wherever I go - Here's my Prayer.    



 I ask in Love for the dispensation of Mercy and forgiveness to permit the purifying of our nation and it's people to the point where at least  two thirds of the current discord can be cunsumed! I am inspired to request this once a day for the Freedom of Our Nation!    

 I Am the Law of the Violet Consuming Flame!  "Christ in Action ruling wherever "IAm" then as the Violet Flame rushes ahead of each of us, we purify and set things into Divine Order!  Beloved God , please charge our collective "I Am Presence" to forbid discord to exist!  In this way we can receive the perfect Country filled with Light, Which was God's intention for America always!


   Your  I Am Presence is God of the Universe in Action!


    I Am Love,


LaWanna Rine may be reached  at 330-878-7379. She is available for speaking engagements and healing workshops.

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: The Gift of a Lifetime



Alex Gehring and LaWanna Rine on her 87th Birthday

     When I became aware of two little words they changed my life.  I found by using the two words I could create a new Universe within me and around me.  So I started playing with them as Love Words!  As I played with them my world changed.  I removed myself from a hospital death bed to creating "The I Am Temple of Radiant Light", and "Lotus Lodge Health Retreat." 

       I was told if I spent 5 minutes in the sun it would kill me.  I spent from May through to October tearing a barn down to get the timber, beams and stones and haul them to my Holy Land.  By October I had taken all my vacation in the sun.  I was healed!  That was in 1972-1974 creating a place for people to come to get healthy.

     The secret was and is the third word after the two - I Am Love - always using a positive word with I Am.  I have created paradise - I Am living the Golden age 6-22- 1912.  I Am free to be who I came to earth to be. 

                           I Am Divine Love and Light.

                                   LaWanna Rine

LaWanna can be reached for workshops and lectures at 330-878-7379

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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Today is the Day of Opportunity


Photogrpah of Birch candles courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Each day brings gifts - we have the potential to mold with our creative thought forms and energetic feelings whatever we desire, forget about yesterday and tomorrow!  We are standing on the threshold of a light that is eternal - we can blow, blow, blow, and no way take advantage - surround yourself in light - see every cell in your body vibrating with light - the wider you open the door to your heart- the more gifts and opportunities you will find.

    Please - please - look the light is within!  Deep within your hearts - picture yourself as a candle - let you light shine- when that light shall blaze through every life stream let it blaze, let it blaze!  Within every heart the spirit shall lift higher and higher-  rise up, throw off the darkness that has dimmed the radiation of Its natural estate!  Each individual will contribute to The Light Of the World.  The song "Light your candle and let it shine"  comes to mind, why don't you get rid of that bushel basket you've been hiding your light under and let your light shine so that all might see how beautiful the light is, and how beautiful the world is. 

    The more I turn the light up the more good comes to me and shines its light over others in the world.    It inspires them to run, not crawl, to sing, not grumble.  This turns their light on automatically!  I dare you to hold your candle high and create a new world around you.  Charge your batteries with God love, God peace and God's light!  You'll be surprised, no work at all,  just play.  I play with the light, I walk in the light, I radiate the light, I am the light of God.

Go with Love,


LaWanna can be reached for an appointment at 330-878-7379





Love Letters From Lotus Lodge: Stoned


Photograph courtesy of

As I walked my lane this morning my "I Am Presence" drew my attention to all the stones - energy -energy - energy - each side of the lane where beautiful stones dressed in green Moss!  I wear green on Thursday "beloved Hilarion day" manifesting wealth, health, concentration, consecration, speaking your truth.  Indeed Truth was flowing through me - even the stones underneath my feet blessed me!     

    I have stones on my property from the Ice Age!  As I putmy hand to my heart to bless the stones- energy flowed from the Malachite necklace I was wearing for creativity, protection and confidence.  I have just started walking my lane again  due to the the hip injury I sustained last year - and I wear different stones each day - to tune into the highest energy of the day!  My solar plexus, the third Chakra, and my heart chakra received an extra burst of energy and divine protection.

    As I walk my path through the day  the stones I am guided to carry or wear  inspire me to think and feel positive - we not only need to protect ourselves from the stresses of the outside world, but from negative thoughts and feelings that we create  within.

Some of my favorites:  Lapidolite: soothes the emotional body, relieving stress (stress is the number cause of dis-ease), enhancing meditation, peace, serenity, love, divine connection - all the chakras especially heart chakra!  Sugilite: dreams, spiritual, protection and purification helps one to become a beacon of light.  Amethyst: one of my favorites - protection, purification, divine connection release addictions - chakra third eye crown - also chakras above the head.  I love combining this stone with my golden rutilated quartz -expanding awareness, acceleration grounding all chakras. 

Try these stones: Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Azeztulite, herderite, brookite, petalite, Tibetan tektite, plus many more. These precious minerals are the angel's sensory organs - when I hold a stone and feel some sort of a current, I am connecting with the spiritual world. These beautiful stones and minerals help me to connect to my spiritual destiny and the desire to serve the world, by getting stoned!

    My favorite source of stones: The V Rock Shop in Canton, Ohio, The heart of it all. 

Go with love,


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Love Letters From Lotus Lodge: Add More Spice to Life and Live!



    I love my spices - every morning on my old fashion oats , cinnamon and turmeric - raw honey, cranberry juice or grape juice.  Blueberries or blackberries and lots of raw nuts (no peanuts)!  Cinnamon is one of the most ancient of all spices,  in Rome, it was valued more than gold - I suggest 1 or 2 tsp a day to ahelp lower the blood sugar.  Cinnamon is a top spice for survival,  I grind mine from cinnamon sticks.  I also use cinnamon oil (but make sure that it's the real stuff)!

 Cumin is another spice that's also worth it's weight in gold! ;  a potent natural medicine and food!  Great for digestive and circulatory disorders, cumin has also been of great use  to strngthen the liver and pancreas.  It is a great aid in destroying the larvae and eggs of parasites!  I love cumin to keep fungal growth at bay and cumin also aids the body  in removal of toxic chemicals.  

 Fennel gives physical strength and endurance.  I use fennel seeds when brewing my pot of herbal tea - daily!  This helps my digestive  system, weight balance, gas, bloating, also helps to improve vision and increases the life span because a Healthy liver = healthy life! 

   There is ancient proverb that claims that if sage is consumed every day, the individual shall never grow old!  I add sage to different foods to extend my shelf life!  Edible sage oil made from the wildcrafted herb is the type I use for my health, 3 to 4 drops daily!  I also use it on warts and skin irritations!  Another benefit is that It calms my dogs and I put a few of the ground leaves in their food several times a week to help settle their stomachs during times of stress.  It just goes to show you that everyone can use an adrenal tonic!  I love sage oil as a beauty aid -  and it goes into my tea daily!

Thyme has so many virtues, why don't you try mixing thyme into your spelt (or any other ) flour -  It makes the yummiest bread! 

    Cayenne  can stop a heart attack - but I never ever cook with cayenne - I put it on food after it's cooked, because then it's a stimulant.... if cooked with food it becomes more of an an irritant!

    Garlic is one of the most safe and versatile herbs yet I also classify it as a spice! It goes without saying how wonderful garlic is for seasoning and its very valuable for combating a wide range of illnesses - especially killing parasites, viruses and anything fungal. 

 There are so many wonderful healing spices. In my kitchen I keep them stored in glass canning jars labeled with the dates that I harvested them so I've always got the freshest herbs possible.  They are one of my favorite sources staying healthy and I never run out  of good God ideas for them - Salads, breads, soups, popcorn, vegetables... all of my foods enjoy the spice of life.  I hope that you have fun spicing up yours !!!  

                                       Go with love,

                                          LaWanna Rine

       LaWanna can be reached to set up an appointment at 330-878-7379

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Let's Celebrate today as New Earth Day!


   JULY 17, 2012    


    We celebrate Christmas!     

    We celebrate Easter!

    We Celebrate the 4th of July!      

    We celebrate our Birthdays!

    Why celebrate Earth Day?


    I love Mother Earth - I bless it Daily, it is our home.  Many people have given their lives to save her   for us.


    I was up at six A.M. - walking my land (God's Land) with my dogs - blessing the Earth, Sky, Sun, Trees, Streams... Heaven on Earth.  As I bless Mother Earth - the blessings flow around me - through me-what I think what I feel- becomes my Reality!


    I am imaging Earth and Heaven merging, thrilling- swirling- A New Earth Day, another opportunity to Awaken the Universe to clean house -our thoughts and feelings, if less than perfect.  Rather than saying "what is this Earth coming to" in a negative way, let it be a New Beginning make it a Heaven on Earth Day filled with gratitude, harmony, love and devotion. Celebrate New Earth Day with me today!



LaWanna Rine can be reached to schedule an appointment at 330-878-7379



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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: My Dream!



I am God inspired to create a ruby gold and violet temple on my Sacred Mountain,  Meditation Hill.  At the same time , I see a Deltic home which is designed and manifested in Asheville N. C.  It is dome shaped and I see a golden lane or path leading up to it!    

    Just as Jesus Christ took time to remove himself from the world and its requirements for so much assistance to go the hills to Pray, I am so inspired to create a beautiful temple so beings who are drawn to refuel at the cosmic fountain will take time -undivided- from the world (which you will always have with you). To come and go on a positive spiritual adventure and walk that golden path to enter the silence and draw the necessary strength and sanctity from the source of All Good afterwards refueling them so that they may dispense with uncondition love and joy to the world!  Believe me when I say that regardless of how perfectly you build the physical attributes in life without taking uninterrupted Peace go into Silence that You will have but ash in the end- Take time today for Peace!            

Any volunteers to help manifest my dream?

               I am so grateful,


LaWanna can be reached to schedule an appointment at 330-878-7379    

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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Why do we need special holidays to remind us?



     Why do we need special days to remind us to be grateful? 


      Are you really Thankful you live in America?  Do you spend time daily blessing Our Country; your friends, your neighbors, the earth you walk; the food you eat, the water you drink?

     Let's free mankind, let's redeem the earth.  How and why, by having conscious communication with Universal Life Energy God is!  God is everywhere.  Start acknowledging the God Presence in everything and everyone!  It is We The People who are capable through our thoughts and deeds of creating a New  Glorious Golden Age.  Start at this very moment manifesting it.  Let's work hand in hand regardless of your Religious Beliefs.  You are created with the image of God within.  It's a matter of daily and hourly living!  If you choose to shoot a fire cracker on the Fourth of July, let it be honoring your Freedom to be who you came here to be!

                                        Go With Love,



The Earth Photograph is not mine, but I do not know who to attribute it to....LaWanna can be reached at 330-878-7379

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Sleep!


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The latest love letter from LaWanna...I need to preface this by saying that she is the only healer that I've ever known who has an adult sized cradle that you can be rocked to sleep in....She takes these things very seriously (luckily for me!)

What are you hiding in your bedroom?  Is it a place where you pitch things into the corner, or is your bedroom as important to you as your kitchen, living room, study?  When going to bed I surrender to a new energy entirely different from the day energy!  I am totally conscious when going to bed and I focus on the Great Energy of Light, Love, Rest and Peace.  It's a time of clarity and I ask to go to a Master Temple to be taught Love, Light and Health.


      I ask for total Divine Protection because I know I am making a transition from being conscious to unconscious and back again.  I feel such total trust that I am Divinely Protected.  I sleep with purple or violet sheets and pillow cases.  I have beautiful healing stones under my pillow.   My queen size bed has a canopy where beautiful stuff animals embedding with healing stones representing all my Love Ones.  I Bless them morning and night.  I have stars that reflect after the lights are out.  I have skylights at the head of my bed and the foot.  I can bless and be blessed by that stars at night.  Many times I have laid at the foot of my bed looking up at the full moon.  You can't wake up if you don't sleep.  I bless my bed, bed clothes and bedroom.  It is so special and wonderful energy.  My bed room is my haven of rest where Heaven and Earth merge into ONENESS and Bless my soul.  So when I awaken I can Bless others throughout the Day.

                                                               I Am Love,

                                                                  LaWanna Rine (330-878-7379)



Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Did you know that you are an artist?



Did you know you are an Artist?   How to become a great artist?  Did you know the cure is within? 

 YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS  is the Canvas of your mind!  There is no limitation to the perfection you can draw on the canvas of your mind.  Let's wipe the canvas clean and start over!

       Have fun!  Experiment with you powers of creation in the realms of your consciousness!  Visualize the sun rays coming through your head and opening your consciousness to the Great Creator within- you are unlimited!  You may walk freely through the Great Corridors of Rooms of The Kingdom (Heaven) within!  Use the Rainbow to create your palettes!  Topaz blue - God's Power, God's strength yellow God's illumination, God's wisdom!  Intense pink- God's Divine Love-  White ascending higher and resurrecting you!  Emerald green- God's health, wealth, concentration, consecration, speaking your truth!  Ruby pink God's peace, healing, grace, ministration.  Violet- mercy, compassion, invocation, freedom transmutation use and visualize these colors on the canvas of you mind. Intense and pure-no dull faded colors,  What a painting your have creative using God's rainbow the highest vibration. 

         Feel your consciousness changing!  The feeling would contains 90% of your energy.  As your consciousness is the canvas of your mind, what you think and feel creates the canvas.  What are you presenting to the world?  There is no time nor space in consciousness- you are free to dwell in the realm of perfect expression, or create a dull , dark blurring canvas.  What is your quality of thought and feeling?  You are a creature of thought and feeling make sure your quality of thought creates a canvas that AWES AND OH'S the Universe.


        Make a wonderful servant out of your feeling world and DRAW the POWER of LIGHT and GOOD GOD GIFTS (Ideas).  Consciously through your feeling world create within a force field of Peace and Love!


        Now your a Master of Your Own Life-  Keep creating with God Energy Flowing through you.


     Now Go Paint Your Canvas of Life.    

Rev. LaWanna Rine- 330-878-7379


 Chakra Photo Source Unknown