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Be~Witched: Who needs a wand when you've got a pair of Glamoury Gloves?


I love gloves...some might call me a throwback I suppose to a different time and place, but I find them to be absolutely beautiful and extraordinarily feminine. I have quite a few pairs of them ranging from the first kid gloves that I ever got as a young girl going to dancing school to the trusseau and I inherited many pairs of my mothers when she died. She had wonderful gloves in all colors, soft pinks and creamy shells and several pairs of elbow length black ones. Some have pearl closures and some have buttons. Some have little bows and others are embroidered and all of them are beautiful. I'm inclined to believe that just like pearls, every woman should have a wardrobe of gloves. 


Molly's Magical Spell Casting Glamoury Gloves

So it didn't come as any surprise to anyone last year when for the Clarimonde Project that I did with a group of extraordinary writers and indie perfumers , I decided to scent a beautifully embroidered pair of vintage French leather gloves. They were glorious by the time that I was done, buttery and sweet with love infused fragrant oils that I'd mixed with a bit of sweet almond oil and glowing with a femininity that was palpable. I made them with the intention of giving them to my nephews fiance' as a special gift for the Winter Solstice.  At one point during the process I put them on and I was astonished when what I can describe as only magical  and healing energies started flowing through me and out through my fingertips. I played with them for quite awhile, drawing Reiki symbols with my gloved fingers, simply moving the energy around and around, using them as I would a Rowan wand. I was enchanted, but I knew they weren't meant to be mine. 

Come Solstice time I wrapped them up and gave them to Molly who absolutely loved them and then I made a pair of my own, simple black velvet this time but adorned with beautiful purple flowers, iridescent jewels and butterflies. I perfumed them for a full moon cycle with oils of rose, cocoa, lily and jasmine and by the time I was finished they were most definitely mine. When I wear them I feel completely lovely and I have used them many times when I've needed to make a wish or two.  It goes without saying that I feel absolutely fascinating when I wear them, somehow a gorgeous pair of gloves just makes everything just a bit more bewitching.  My husband is completely intrigued by them. He says that a certain look comes over my face when I wear them and he knows that he's in for just the right kind of trouble. 

So it seems that I can't stop making them and everytime I wear them out people that I meet beg me to sell them to them right on the spot. So, I've decided that there might be something of a cottage industry here!  If you'd like your own pair of  Glamoury Gloves just write to me at [email protected] and we'll discuss your personal wishes. Each pair is unique, handcrafted and  perfumed with beautiful natural essences that I will choose just for you. I do take the time to create a very personal spell that's just for you so please give me a window of up to three weeks preferably during a full moon cycle. Each pair of gloves is individually priced depending upon the degree of handiwork and magic involved and each  pair will be made just for you.  


Try telling me that Rita Hayworth didn't know how to take her gloves off......WOW!

Please note that I am happy do all sorts of magical workings on your behalf, but none that will harm nor manipulate another. Thank you so much  for understanding!