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Bell, Book and Candle!

One of the most fun yet provocative  Halloween movies of all time is the 1958 classic , Bell ,Book and Candle starring the bewitchingly mischievous Kim Novak and the devastatingly wonderful James Stewart. Kim as Gillian Halroyd is marvelous as a lovely witch who falls madly in love , casting a spell to make James Stewarts character dump his fiance and fall for her. This is a madcap romp through an incredibly fun, twisty and strangely magical world. In the end Gillian gets her man , but at what cost? You'll have to watch to find out!

 Her makeup and wardrobe are totally worth the price of admission ,(Goddess just look at those eyes!) and because it's a 1950's movie, make sure that you don't forget the martinis!  I suggest Apple infused vodka, pomegranate juice, a bit of agave nectar and a jigger of cinnamon schnapps! Shake with cracked ice , pour into a martini glass and garnish with a generous shake of red hots! Enjoy!