30 Days of Christmas Cheer Feed

Does anyone want to join me for an old fashioned 30 Days of Christmas Cheer Blog Party?

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I'll never forget when in May of 2004, after closing my business, in a fit of loneliness and desire I started my first blog called Stirring the Senses. I loved writing on it...I shared recipes and stories and made so many new friends. In 2009 this blog, The Windesphere Witch was conceived, as an attempt  to enjoy the Halloween season all month long. Back then, there were lovely events called blog parties and every day many of us posted something that inspired us about the season. It was so much fun! Sadly with the advent of smaller bytes of social media like Instagram , Facebook and Twitter, blogging has taken a back seat for many of us. 

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However,  forward to now,  this crazy year of 2020 where an unknown virus has completely changed our lives in less than a year. We're at home now..our lives are slower.  Non of us have been untouched by this strange and dangerous contagion. As a result our holidays have changed. I found myself longing for the warmth of my blog, the slower and more intimate world that I created with it. I long to share my holidays with my friends and family near and far...recipes for everything from marmalades and fancy jams, mincemeat, gingerbread,  egg nog, to mulled wine  and bourbon milk punch....It's time to share some old fashioned blogging fun and fellowship!


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Winter Solstice rituals and wreath making....silly and sappy Hallmark Christmas movies....present wrapping and silver polishing. Building the perfect holiday playlist...Creating an intimate and festive Zoom holiday...All of the things that can make our lives magical at this time of year.

Guess what? We can still have them! 

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Please join me everyday from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day as we have an old fashioned Countdown to Christmas Cheer                                                on the Windesphere Witch Blog! Each day I'm going to write about something I'm doing...some aspect of the holidays that I love. This will be the story of my love for winter, for the Solstice, for the Yule log, the figgy pudding and the mistletoe. I'll probably have a couple of door prizes too...If you've got a blog or an instagram and you want to play along with me, just let me know and I'll share your links on this page! I'll be using the hashtag #30daysofChristmasCheer and #countdownofchristmascheer on Instagram and Facebook if you want to share there  as well.

Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with Blessings and Magic...