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Introducing the Herban Wytch...

Introducing the City Wytch News!


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Dear readers! Introducing my new newsletter- City Wytch News - Come into my garden and sit for a spell!

Right after Yule, a dear friend wrote me and said.." Have you checked out Substack yet? I think you'd love it!" I did, and very quickly realized that he was right! I've long needed a newsletter that I could send directly into your inbox, something that felt more reflective and personal...something that my readers could interact with more easily and intimately. 

I just love writing this every week for you, and I wanted to give it a name that felt more reflective of me because this has become a bit of a home. I wanted to create a place for my readers full of the practical life, home and garden magic that I simply love to sprinkle through my days.

A place where I could write about a Seasonal, Sacred and Magical Way of  Living!

There are so many reasons to celebrate and everyday can be an excuse to express your own creativity and joy. We’ll explore local farmers markets and experience the magic to be found in living organically with the seasons. Taste the wild , wonderful foods that live in our backyards , fields and forests and you will begin to develop an entirely fresh connection to the world. I've always got a teapot of fresh herbs steeping and plenty of healthy tea sandwiches so I hope that you'll come for a visit soon! Eventually I'll be offering paid subscriptions with some really interesting perks, but for now I'm thrilled to be offering a fun and free subscription that people really seem to love!  

Just follow the cats through this link to the garden gate and you’ll find me sitting under the apple trees with a pot of fresh herb tea, ready for some magical conversation!

Yours in Beauty and Magic,

Beth ( The Windesphere Witch!) 


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