30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ A simple Chocolat Chaud!
30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ Oh Christmas Tree....

30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ Caron's Nuit de Noel!

I adore the Christmas season and for so many reasons it is so magical to me. There are always several constants like the annual reading of Clement C. Moore’s “The Night before Christmas”, white truffles, lots of chocolate, roasted chestnuts, smoked salmon, New York City and gallons of bourbon milk punch and Champagne.  Of course my perfume of choice is Caron’s lovely Nuit de Noel, a fragrance that is completely saturated with the soul and scent of the holiday season. 




For the last 8 years, on Christmas Eve I make a beautiful candlelit dinner and then we go to church with our son and daughter in law and sing carols until our hearts just burst.  Often we drive into the country to see the lights and sometimes we get home well past midnight.  That's when we light the bayberry candles for love and abundance, crack a bottle of champagne, wrap ourselves in each others arms, gorge on cookies, exchange our presents, hang the stockings and watch our daughter in laws favorite Christmas movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol .  





If you’ve never experienced Nuit de Noel, trust me and if you can find some (sadly it seems to have been discontinued) try it right away   because it is truly gorgeous, a voluptuous and elegant chypre perfume filled with rose, jasmine and ylang ylang and a delicious saxon moss that’s as primitive and warm as the embers of a smoldering Yule log on Solstice eve. Ernest Daltroff created it for his lover who was completely enchanted by the sounds and scents of Christmas.  


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Nuit de Noel is the fragrance that I’ve tucked into my engraved medieval style  pomanders, a beautiful ornaments of sterling that I can wear as  necklaces. These I fill with cinnamon and cloves and sugared rose petals that I’ve scented with a bit of perfume soaked leather and I love to wear them hanging low between my breasts. These pomanders are my favorite pieces of jewelry art and when I’m not wearing one of them, you’ll find them hanging in their places of honor on my Christmas tree.


Because Christmas comes but once a year I keep my precious bottle of Nuit de Noel tucked away for the rest of the time in an embroidered Christmas pouch. 



Getting back to Christmas evening though, the most magical moment always comes on the drive home from the country. Nestled at the bottom of the River Road in a small town called Hunting Valley there sits a beautiful old fir tree that is practically a hundred years old. We love to visit her early Christmas morning after midnight when the world is silent except for the beautiful carols ever present on the radio. 


This tree is magnificent, at least 75 feet tall and covered from head to toe with beautiful colored lights. 


I visit her late at night on the evenings from Thanksgiving to New Years Day because she is usually surrounded by families of deer and I love to park my car across the street to sit quietly for awhile with a steaming mug of cocoa and the Nutcracker Suite for company. She has an alluring fragrance all her own, of freshly falling snow and sweet pine, smoky wood resins, windfall apples and moonlight. When the snow is falling softly all around I promise you have never seen such a beautiful tree. 


She is forever the true essence of the season for me as she casts her warm glow on the cold December nights. I have always wanted to wear her scent and the first time that I experienced Caron’s Nuit de Noel I realized that I had found it, all of the Christmas magic that I would ever need in perfumed form, a divine gift from the angels of Yule.

Speaking of angels....


I only wear Nuit de Noel  from Thanksgiving until New Years Day because I love to keep it special and putting it away isn’t the end of my Christmas dreams, only the beginning.  But I hope that you’ll remember that Christmas Eve is a great time to be making wishes and I hope that this is the year that all of yours will come true whether they be truly simple or ever so bold. 


You already know that I wish you all gallons of the perfumes you love, all of the truffles (chocolate or otherwise!) that you’d care to eat and all of the passion that you can possibly stand. Last but not least   may there finally be peace on earth, abundance for all and true and lasting goodwill for everyone.


Sending you all of my love and lots of fabulous scents during this most magical of seasons. Please know that in this season of blessings that I count all of you among my biggest. 


Thank you always for your readership, love and support. 


From my home to yours...Happiest of Holidays!



Beth (aka The Windesphere Witch)


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