30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ Waes Hael (Wassail)
30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ Caron's Nuit de Noel!

30 Days of Christmas Cheer ~ A simple Chocolat Chaud!


I've always said that if I weren't living in Cleveland and I had my choice of cities to live in, that besides New York,  Montreal would be at the top of my list. It's close enough to the border and I could get home to see all my loves easily, but at the same time live someplace where English wasn't the first language. I'm personally of the opinion that every American needs a crash course in living internationally, because nothing expands your worldview like travel and that's a good thing. Right now with the borders closed, I have to dream of the day that I can get back to Montreal and simply recreate the flavors and fragrances here at home. It's not that difficult, because the entire city smells of four of the most delicious things in life...Chocolate, freshly baked bread, garlic and white wine. 


With Montreal in mind, and dreaming of the chocolate I drank one wintry afternoon at the  Suite 88 Chocolatier,  this morning I created a chocolat chaud with heavy cream, port , vanilla, French cocoa, honey and cinnamon ...so delicious and warming, both for the tummy and the soul.


So incredibly easy to do...Just set a cup of heavy whipping cream on the stove to simmer and whisk in a tablespoon of fine cocoa, a sprinkle of cinnamon, two tablespoons of honey, a dash of vanilla and about three tablespoons of port. You'll need to whisk it consistently until it thickens, but it basically turns into a ganache that you can drink. Pour it into a demitasse cup and add some whipped cream. I added it to my morning coffee which was quite delicious and made me feel just a touch spoiled..I don't usually drink Port in the morning! Try this..it's really very easy to do. If you change it around, let me know what you did...I'm already thinking about white chocolate and lavender or dark chocolate with chili and triple sec....Just make sure that the chocolate you use is of good quality, because it's true flavor will shine through and so will any additives and it goes without saying that you can of course do this with non dairy milks...I'd recommend full fat coconut.



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