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Come Little leaves... an ode to Autumn

Applesauce with Cinnamon, Maple syrup and Bas Armagnac!


Tonights meal is real French comfort food...Jacque Pepins Maman's Cheese Souffle and a wonderful salad of simple green with a mustardy, garlicky vinaigrette. To start we're having a velvety sweet potato, cream and chestnut soup, which is more like a bisque actually and some delicious smoked scallops with a black truffle aioli. With all of that richness, I thought something sweet/tart was in order, so I took a cue from my sister Ellen who'd made the same souffle yesterday and served it with homemade applesauce. 

This may just be the fastest yet the best applesauce I've ever made! You can make this in a slow cooker, but I'm having a real love affair with my Instapot right now for things like this. Personally? I like the results a lot, but truthfully you can't ever go wrong adding a 1997 Armagnac to anything! 

This recipe will make about 6 small servings

You'll need:  

8 mixed apples, sliced and cubed ( I leave the peels on)

3 tablespoons of butter

1 cup of apple juice or cider

1/2 a cup of Armagnac, Calvados or brandy

1 tablespoon of Chinese 5 spice or pumpkin pie spice..your call

1/2 cup of real maple syrup

2 tablespoons of organic honey

This is so easy! Into the Instapot it goes and then you cook it on high pressure for about 28 minutes. When it's done, vent off the steam and open the lid. Then turn on the saute feature and let it simmer for another 15 minutes to reduce some of the juices. Serve with just about anything that requires a wonderful hit of autumn apple goodness. One thing to note is that you can strain the applesauce and save the juices to turn into cocktail syrup. Just pour the strained juices into a pan and add some more honey. Simmer for about 15 minutes and chill. You can use this syrup in your tea, on your pancakes, over ice cream and shaken into a wonderfully aromatic Manhattan. If you have any left over, this will freeze well! ( But you won't!)



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