Tea Leaves and Tarot - The Tower
Down by the River

I think Susan Branch said this first, but I so agree. As hard as it is at times, this enforced solitary time is truly a blessing. It’s a time for introspection, for reading and writing, for creating and simply breathing. It’s the time to learn something new...you know that things you w been putting off for years. Maybe it’s time for a new career? Why wouldn’t you look at all of these things right now? My wish for all of us is that we come through this time remembering the good of it as well as the pain....of knowing that we were stronger than we knew ourselves to be...having the experience of untapped creativity and love. Stay safe at home if you can, be well and beloved. #staysafe #selfcare #create #creativity #learn #witch #magic #magical #life #blessed #manifest #abundance 


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