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Herbal Programs & Zoom-inars

I offer many different programs and zoom webinars that can be easily tailored to the interests of your group! They can run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours leaving plenty of time for questions and answers. These days I am working through Zoom and Go to Meeting. I've discovered that I find it very easy to connect with my audience virtually even though we're not together. If my talk would normally include a demonstration, I'll send a list of plant materials in a download a couple of weeks before. I always have a downloadable informative "booklet", containing relevant recipes and information! I have found  it to be just as good an experience for all when my audience makes an herb or potpourri blend right alongside of me because it's interactive and fun for everyone!



Here are the programs that I love to offer although if you have a special topic in mind, please feel free to reach out and ask for it.


  • Taking Thyme for Tea  

  • The Magic and Energy of the Healing Herbs
  •  The Magic of Vintage and Historical Roses 
  • The Plants and Traditions of Samhain (Halloween)
  • Home for the Holidays  

  • Conversations from the Stillroom  

  • Creating a Personal Herbal Garden & Retreat

  •  Culinary Herbs from Milady's Pantry

  •  Herbal Kitchen Medicine from the 18th century through today

  •  Food, Herbs and Wellness

  • The Magic of Herbs, Roots and Edible Flowers for Wellness and Beauty

  •  How to fall madly in Love with your Whole Life for your Whole Life

  •  Stirring the Senses, Creating Magical Environments & Seasonal Celebrations! 

  • Discovering your unique Essence, Live your life as a work of art! 

  • Bloom where you're Planted!

  • Roses for Flavor and Fragrance
  •  Get the Herban Glow 

  • Managing your Menopause with Herbal Support

  • French Aromatherapy

  • Using Herbs and Essential Oils effectively and safely!

  • Growing Beautiful Roses Organically!

  •  All about Lavender

  •  Safe Herbal & Essential Oil support for the Whole Family ~ Even your pets!

  •  Culinary Herbs for Magic, Beauty & Health


About Beth:

Beth Schreibman Gehring promotes a seasonal, sensual way of living, eating and being, teaching a holistic way of looking at your life. She loves nothing more than to spend long days in her gardens tending the healing herbs, fruits and vegetables, promoting healing through herbalism, flower and gem essences, aromatherapy and Reiki, cooking gorgeous, healthy and delicious meals for her family (both four-legged and two) and friends while brewing delightful herbal potions to help keep you healthy, gorgeous and sexy all over, inside and out.

Her favorite question? “So tell me? What is your secret dream? Lets nurture it!”

Beth is also a member of Herbalists without Borders, The Western Reserve Herb Society, Les Dames d’Escoffier International (Cleveland ) The Herb Society of America and The Herb Society of the United Kingdom.


To speak with her about creating a wonderful program for your group please contact her here!



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