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Living Day to Day with COVID-19...

Theres no place like home....



My Dear friends,

My goodness, what 7 short days can do. Last week at this time I was planning my herb gardens, reiki sessions and tea parties and then suddenly the world was upended by an invisible marauder. 

First, because so many of you have written to ask me about my son and his wife. After many pleas from myself, my sister and my nephew in Paris I finally received the call from Alex a couple of weeks ago. “Mom, we want to come home for awhile. New York feels really frightening.  We don’t know how to do it though…even going out to rent a car feels terrifying.”

Two hours later Jim and I loaded both of our cars with food, masks, Clorox wipes, cat carriers and hand sanitizer and drove into New York like a thieves in the night. I have never seen it so desolate. We pulled up to my son’s apartment in Queens at 10:00 pm, double parked both cars and threw the keys to Alex from 10 feet away. 

Then we sat in our car and waited. At midnight we all left the city for the unforeseeable future. They are now safely in quarantine at my sister’s cabin with their two cats and Alex’s fish tank.  They are safe and I am so grateful to my family for helping me create this space for them. My beloved New York is a war zone, but they are home. 8 hours later Governor Cuomo began the process of shutting down the city showing me once again that instincts and timing are everything. 

These are truly scary times  but there is a huge BUT here. 

I guess that my point for all of us is that we do what we can do when we are called to and we can do so much, even isolated in our homes. 

We were made for these times. 

If you are one of my readers, I  KNOW you.

We are the gardeners and the healers. We know how to make teas that soothe and herb blends that help make even the simplest foods feel special. We know how to use our herbs to support immunity, wellness and healing. We know how to preserve the harvest. We know how to create beauty with our flowers and leaves. The most important  thing that we know how to do? We know how to build gardens big and small, full  of herbs, fruits and vegetables. 

This is our magic. 

These are the timeless and important skills that we know and teach. These are the skills that right now the world needs to heal and to begin to hope again. 

I know who my readers are. I know your capacity for giving, for teaching and for joy. I know all of your gifts and your gifts are what is needed to help heal this terribly frightened world right now. We can help. 

 We have the opportunity to make such a difference right now sitting at our desks. Reach out.  Our entire world community needs to learn our skills. 

This is how we can make a difference right now and in this time of isolation it could be one of the most important things we’ve ever done for someone that we’ve never met.   

I love and miss you all so much. Take good care of yourselves. I am here and well, if you need anything at all. 

Stay Home and Stay Safe. 

 Beth Schreibman Gehring aka The Windsphere Witch


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