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WITCH ~ A Woman in Total Control of Herself! #WelcomeMadamPresident


I don't normally get too political on this blog but here's the thing. Being a Witch is for the most part a political statement. We're feminists not misogynists. We worship our Mother Earth. We abhor war. We stand for peace, clean air, clean food and clean water. We stand for equal rights for all, equal choices for all. We stand for kindness to our animal companions and cruelty free products. We stand for a women's right to choose anything that she needs to do for herself to be healthy. We stand for our men, our partners and our children. You'll find us everywhere you look...anywhere that passion for justice, empathy and religious tolerance is required. 

Witch is a term that is traditionally coopted to create fear and to control with fear. Fear of a powerful woman, fear of a woman who is in complete control of herself and her destiny. If she doesn't "need" a man...there must be something awry.  Go ahead and google "Hillary Clinton Witch" on the images page. You'll see what I mean. It's horrific. A real witch is anything but that.This was the only nice picture that I could find. 

No dark arts in the craft....only love. 

I'm here like so many others to reclaim the term. WITCH. Woman In Control of Herself. Not a demonic creature who will eat your children and steal your husband, but a real woman, with real power. Power to heal, power to love and a desire to protect all that she holds dear. There are Christian Witches, Jewish Witches, Muslim Witches, Bahai Witches, Hindu Witches...A Witch is one that holds the whole of the world sacred.  Hillary Clinton is a very powerful WITCH by my terms and her political enemies have done nothing but try  to make this election about her stamina, her lack of accomplishments????, her husband and even worse, Donald Trump himself spoke on the national stage about jailing her....the modern day equivalent of "Burn Witch Burn. She's still charges forward. I frankly don't know how she does it.  

We've got 7 days. Just 7 days until this election is over. I know many who are voting for Trump because of their boyfriends or husbands. Don't do it. Not if you don't really want to. The voting booth is the one place where you get to think for yourself...cast a vote for your own principals and ideals even if it's scary. Cast a vote for women's rights. Cast a vote for your daughters and unborn grand daughters. Cast a vote so that we continue to have a say in our destinies. A vote for Trump almost guarantees us a world without respect. 

 I know that many feel that Hillary isn't the perfect candidate...that's she's flawed. I know that many love her unabashedly. I know that many, like me, really loved Bernie. I'm voting for HRC because although she wasn't my first choice, she's a very qualified woman. I've watched her for years. I admire her. I believe that in her acceptance of much of the ultra progressive platform that Bernie brought to the table that she's showed that she's open minded and will work with us, not against us. I believe that this election has only just begun. On November the 9th if Hillary does win, we have to hold her to her promises and in turn allow her to become the greatest first woman President EVER!


That being said..we've got work to do. We've got 7 days. well, 6 and a half really. If you don't want to see a Trump Presidency, lets put aside our differences and get going. From now until election day, lets flood our social media pages with thoughts about what it means to be a woman running for office in this day and age. Lets make it clear that we won't stand for the distraction of a bogus email scandal. Let's make it clear that assault of women is something that we'll never stand for. That even the potential of rape of a 13 year old is so despicable to us that there's no way that we'd ever let that man near the Presidency let alone our daughters. This is not a normal election. I truly think that Donald Trump is one of the most dangerous men that I've ever seen get this close to the Presidency. We've got to say no to him. We need to hand her a mandate. She'll know what to do with it. 

Let's let Trump and his followers know that the threat of jailing (or worse) the first woman to ever win her parties nomination for the highest office in the land is completely unacceptable. That the SCOTUS will stay balanced. That no woman will ever be jailed or punished for a choice that she makes for her own body. I could go on and on here..this campaign and it's awful rhetoric is unprecedented but that's not what needs to happen. We need to get her elected so that we can continue to fight for progressive and powerful change in the world. I challenge all of you to 7 days of tweets or posts. even just once a don't have to be a political animal like I am. Highlight the positive or shine a light on the bullshit. Highlight anytime you see misogyny in action. Write blog posts. Instagram . Whatever. Be sure to use the hashtag #WelcomeMadamPresident

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