Days of Reckoning. Moving forward together in turbulent times.





You know. I'm starting to notice more and more  liberal articles about how the Trump voter felt so silenced by us.  I have to say that I think this silencing conversation being currently touted by liberals is completely troubling to me.  I will also be honest and say that I believe that there is some truth to it.


No absolutes in life. Well, except for death and taxes. 


But for Gods sake, let's try this instead. Let's begin by meeting in the middle. Put our big girl panties on, all of us and begin to grow the fuck up. 


Here are the Kindergarten rules for relationship building between Conservative , Liberals , Greens and whatever else may be lurking out there in the name of political ideology. 


If you want me to stop calling you a racist, misogynist or bully then stop calling me an educated liberal elitist, or a libtard.


Stop telling me that I live in an elitist bubble and am not a "real person".  


Stop chastising me for thinking and at the same time I'll stop chastising you for not. 


Stop telling me that I'm part of a "war on Christianity".  You're just afraid of what you do not understand about other people and their religions. Instead of victimizing yourselves by creating a mythological war, ask me about my own belief. I'll happily assuage your fears. I don't eat  children or steal husbands. I pray to trees.  I'll defend your right any day to pray however you need to. 


There's been disgusting mudslinging and labeling on both sides and it's been coming from the top down. On both sides. We've all bought into it and it's a completely useful political tool.


We're all sheeples people. 






I refuse to suddenly have to carry the emotional burden of responsibility for the current that brought us Donald Trump. I also have no problem looking at myself honestly and seeing where I contributed to the mayhem. 


There's a difference. 


The difference is between personal accountability and self flagellating victimization. One is taking a bold and honest look at who you're being in the world and realizing that you too can sometimes be quite an ass. 


The other is more like masturbation. 


Trump voters- You are not somehow suddenly a victim of me any more than I'm a victim of you. 


If we're going to meet in the middle and have conversations that move us forward, than we have to stop using labels. 


Let's be clear. 


Me saying that I want people to let me know that they don't support hatred, misogyny, racism and bullying is very different than me calling you a racist, sexist, intellectually impoverished or uneducated rural voter which would be quite personal and labeling you. 


I'm asking you to let me know that you've got my back should the need arise. I'm asking you for clarification of your thoughts on racism, bullying and misogyny , not calling you these things. 


You calling me a libtard, socialist or telling me that I'm an educated elitist or a totally out of touch progressive or a stupid tree hugger is extremely personal and labeling me. 


There's nothing there that either of us can hold on to there in terms of relationship building.  


I think what I'm saying is look in the mirror.  Liberals and conservatives. If the shoe fits, deal with yourself first. Then we can tell each other what we think we are. 


If we still can.  Hopefully we'll see a more powerful way forward instead. 



That's the only way I think that alliances can begin to be reforged. 



On both sides now. Give Peace a chance is not a platitude. It's fucking hard work.


Just ask John Lennon. 


Love from the "Smelly Hippy"


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