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November 2016

Taking our Second Amendment Rights back from the NRA.


So many people freak out when you talk about guns and for good reason. The death toll continues to climb. The NRA is holding us hostage when it comes to weapons and our second amendment rights and guess what? It's one of the things that's help get us into the current sad state of affairs that we're in. We need strong and no nonsense gun rights legislation and we need it NOW. I don't know about you but I've had enough. It's a disgusting state of affairs.

But first a story.

The first time I ever touched a gun was  in the company of a  woman named Dolly Temple who actually reminds me quite a lot of the women shown above. She was a tough Southern woman who was married to a very wealthy Dr. She was a whole lot like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies and I loved her. She was a duck hunter and she took me out shooting with her one day. My mother was appalled. 

I wasn't into killing animals then and I'm still not. I had respect for her though because I never saw her kill anything that she didn't eat and use all of. She was a good hunter. 

However,  29 years ago my life changed. We lived out on our farm and one night we awoke to our basement door being bashed down. This was before the age of cell phones and our shotgun was downstairs. The dog didn't bark  and suddenly there were very loud footsteps tramping through the house and rummaging through my kitchen. I'm a cook so I've got big knives. I was terrified. My son Alex, just a baby then was asleep in his crib. 

Jim stood upstairs with a crystal decanter in his hands ready to break to use as a weapon. I was on the land line with the police, this was before cell phones and 911.

Talk about 10 minutes of agony.

When the police finally showed up it turned out that it was our barn boy who had gotten totally drunk, taken a quaalude and blacked out. It also turned out that we were lucky. He had a record in 5 counties and plenty of warrants out for his arrest.

Shortly after that I learned to shoot. One of my closest friends who was head of East Cleveland homicide taught me how even though I was unbelievably reluctant. I still remember the day. He and I guy who was an ex Vietnam vet took me up back  to our pasture and they set up a target. Then they put out more firepower than I'd ever seen in one place. Before I even shot one of them I got all the rules. I went through about 6 guns that day, learning about each one of them. They wouldn't let Jim watch, but he came up later and I still remember Rick saying.."Ok Jim...watch this!" and then I'd aim and hit the target. I won't lie. I felt immediately safer knowing that I could protect myself if I'd needed to.  I learned to shoot well. I learned gun safety and I have never been afraid of guns since then. 

For the record. I think assault weapons are awful. I cannot think of one instance that I'd ever want to shoot one. No one needs one. I shot lots of handguns that day and I hated the semi-automatics. They were too easy, hence all of the issues that we're having right now.  I'll never forget what Big Al told me. He said that if you couldn't handle the problem with 6 bullets, than you shouldn't ever dream of picking up a gun and I still think that he was right. I don't know anyone with the exception of a military man  or woman that I'd trust with a huge assault rifle or even a semi automatic handgun. They've had the training to know when and how to use one. The civilian population is buying them for emotional reasons and conspiracy theories. No wonder we're all feeling a bit skittish. They are purely a symptom of testosterone poisoning and out of control toxic masculinity as far as I'm concerned. 

What upsets me a lot right now about this assault rifle fueled environment is that the good liberal gun owners have had to go underground. We've given away our right to even talk about the second amendment which is why it's been claimed by a bunch of guys and gals openly carrying around their guns as if they were phallic extensions. I know that I haven't spoken up because I've been so horrified by the violence and if I even mention that I enjoy shooting, I get looked at and spoken to as if I were the anti-christ. I get the ..."I don't approve of guns" or "I would never  have a gun" . Fine...don't, but stop demeaning those of us who feel differently. We've given away our right to talk about the second amendment with any real power because the liberal gun rights activists are not speaking up. Perhaps we're the reason that they can so easily paint our candidates as wanting to take away their guns.  

No more. This liberal is out of the closet. I enjoy shooting and I'm very glad that I know how to. I'm also a peace loving rock and roll hippy. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Be Visible. Take a stand. No more senseless gun deaths. 


I love this photograph. Don't know where it comes from but I so appreciate it. 

"My News Feed is Like a Gigantic American Suicide Note......"




Warning. This is long. Some parts of it may offend you, but please give me a chance here.

"I just can't believe how weak and useless the liberal intellect has become. There is so much evidence of tampering in this election, but there isn't even a bandwagon to jump on. I feel useless. What is America? It is the largest, most heavily guarded exploitable human base the world has ever seen. We are thinking and acting like slaves. Don't get me wrong- I'm not talking about the "injustice"- I'm talking about my pride. We really could do something, right? I'm just at a loss. Protests are weak. Protest songs are weak. This Facebook post is weak. Can we please figure out how to be a threat? This is 100% a cry for help. "

My newsfeed is like a giant American suicide note.

Please. I will protest with you."


I read this on Monday. It broke my heart. I decided to repost it because it really mirrors my thoughts about what has happened in this country. This person just had the balls to say it.


I'm pretty encouraged by all of the conversation , the Pantsuit Nations and marches occurring ....these things are fabulous and I'm proud to be a part of them.

But, talk is cheap unless it's also followed up with real action.

Just ask the Suffragettes. Gaining our right to vote wasn't pretty.

Ask anyone who marched for Civil rights. It wasn't pretty.

We fought like hell for the right to choose. It wasn't pretty.

I hate to say it, but it's time for a revolution. It's happening anyhow and no amount of liberal intellectualism will ever take the place of real organizing and action. I'm a product of the 60s , birthed from strong minded parents. I watched my hippy sister march. I marched. I taught my son to do the same. My husband too.

This is different. These days, getting liberals to agree on anything is an exercise in futility. We're so intellectually soft that it's become terrifying.

Keep your wonderful conversations about love, life , spirituality and humanity alive. We need those, but they are only one part of this equation. They're also hugely personal. They mean everything to you and that's wonderful but in the end you have to fight this new normal with the facts.

Remember. There has been one thing that we've all been able to galvanize around and that's a safety pin. Why? Because our desire to protect each other is strong. That's tribal... not intellectual.

So when the author of the quote above questions what we stand for, I get it. We're so busy throwing self help philosophy at what is clearly a direct attack on our American rights that it's as scary to me as anything I'm listening to from the new administration.

Why? Because we're missing the point. Self help is personal. It's not political. Not right now.

I know what the new administration stands for.

The destruction of the first amendment. The destruction of the free press and a free internet.

Guns should be unregulated. Period.

Neo Nazi philosophy. I refuse to use the term " Alt Right" I'm a PR person first and foremost. "Alt Right" is sexy and it's worked. Even liberals are so intrigued that they can't stop saying it.

The absolute denial of climate change so that the planet can continue to be plundered for profiteering.

The manipulation of the election and the tampering of our vote to remain in power at all costs, even if it means bending over and taking it from the Soviet Union.

Women are exploitable , fuckable and simply put here for male gratification.

LGBT's , Blacks , Muslims,Mexicans and Jews are not as American as European white folk.

Bullying is acceptable.

I'm sure I've forgotten something.

So... what do we stand for? Until we figure it out and hone the message to the simple points that we can all agree again, we will continue to be exploited as the quivering intellectual , "all we need is love marshmallow that we are. "

I'm not saying stop loving. I'm not saying to stop talking.

Love and direct action are not mutually exclusive.

What I'm saying is that in the end, a safety pin is the thing that moved us into action and that's because in the end you will do whatever it takes to protect someone you love in harms way.

By putting one on, you should hopefully begin to understand what has made the revitalized conservative movement so powerful.

So instead of bitching that the Press is rolling over, demand that they don't.

Instead of worrying about being discriminated against, demand that your voice be heard. If you see racism, bigotry , antisemitism , bullying or misogyny in action, demand that it stop.

Call the police. Use the media. Demand that they work for all Americans, not just a chosen few.

Demand Net Neutrality.

Call your congressman and senators ( all of them , not just the Democrats) everyday. Make them nuts because you're bugging them so much.

Troll Donald Trump and Mike Pence on twitter because you can. I do it everyday just because it's fun.

Stop complaining about false news. ( I know I'm going to take a lot of shit about this one, especially from some of my nearest and dearest) Frankly that was always up to you . Instead of being spoon fed, check and recheck. Research like you had to in school. Report false news. Demand it be removed like it has been, but stop saying Social Media is the enemy. It's a marketing tool and a place to connect. Donald Trump and the neo nazis just used it better.

Run for office. The Tea Party, now the ruling party infiltrated at grassroots levels. We liberals were very busy laughing instead of listening.

Here's the deal. In the end Hillary Clinton will have won the popular vote by millions. That's not a mandate for Donald Trump, especially since there are now calls from some of the most brilliant computer science minds to audit this election.

We know that it's been tampered with, by Wikileaks and the Soviet Union, but we expected that somehow our government would do the right thing and make it all better.

The government is not our mommy or our best friend.

Grow up. They were too busy trying to win elections.

Changing this is up to us, not them because in the end, they care about preserving their jobs too... just like you do.

Do not get complacent. Do not let me hear that you're tired and need a week long break from all this, because frankly you don't have the luxury of that kind of time.

That is about as middle class as it gets and it's a completely exploitable tendency. Trump won the emotional argument because he obliterated the concept of time.

With 24 hours in each day you can certainly devote 30 minutes to protecting this country from fairly certain disaster.

I If you can't figure out how to put your emotions aside here and simply take direct, focused , constant and calculated action, we will continue to roll over and lose this battle for the soul of this country.

Stop being so afraid to be heard and seen. I wonder what would have happened if Our founding fathers , Susan B Anthony or Barack Obama had done that.

If we just can't do that then we're not the America we think we are and frankly that would be pathetic.

I do not accept this new normal and neither should you.

I'll see you in the streets.

Please share if you are so moved.


I don't know who to attribute the picture of the founding fathers to, but I love it. I wish I'd taken it. 

Moving through Fear....Calling for Peaceful Action.



This is where I'm at at this point. Donald Trump is not my President. I do not accept the results of this political coup by the FBI and the Soviet government. You shouldn't either, regardless of your party affiliation. What happened in America last week should really serve as a wake up call. The election results should be declared null and void and we need to vote again. They've only begun to uncover the evidence of foreign meddling and Donald Trump was the perfect puppet for them to install. An arrogant narcissist whose ego could be purchased for pennies.

This election was criminal on so many levels, and the Democratic Party was as much to blame. They need to start listening. Their pity party is absolutely as revolting to me as the Trump teams gloating. Put on your big girl panties Dems and let's elect candidates who represent the concerns of all.

To those who voted for him. I don't have to shut up and accept him. I do not have to give him a chance.

I'm completely done listening to that....

He's shown his cards. His transition team is full of hate filled bigots, racists, homophobes , misogynists and war hawks. I will never be complacent about any of that.

I will be spending the next 4 years working peacefully to find DJT's successor and expose the creeps who put him into power. I hope you won't settle into fear based slumber ... I hope you will join all of us who see the terrible mistake that's been made and help us create a peaceful, abundant and productive America that is safe for all.

Stop being afraid. This transition team is using the weapons of emotional terror to try to keep us quiet. Don't buy into it. Being this afraid and angry leads to being incredibly weakened. It leads to powerlessness, inertia. You know this. How many of you still are incredibly depressed and scared by the election? Be in action instead. Choose joy. Meditate. Organize. See the present and future you want instead of the one you don't. Abandon upset and let the force be with you instead.

See you in the streets.



This is not my photograph. I've found it all over the internet but I cannot find who to attribute it to. Please let me know if it's yours and I will immediately assign copyright. 




So here's the thing. Hillary is up by almost 2 million votes with millions still uncounted. Donald Trumps ties to Russia that the FBI passed over are now being closely examined by the White House. You can read them yourself if you want here.  

Donald Trump still hasn't released his taxes, which isn't illegal but you should be wondering what's in them. After all, we get plenty of threats if we don't pay ours.  The President Elect is refusing to acknowledge the impact of his rhetoric on the country and in other news,  hate crimes are happening everywhere, being reported and he's still not calling for an end to the violence. These are not encouraging signs for his Presidency. If Clinton's popular vote keeps climbing, and is not addressed, there will undoubtedly be a resistance movement that grows that is enormous and larger than anything you are currently seeing in the streets.

Resistance isn't romantic and it's often deadly. 

Maybe this is what's necessary? I don't know. Frankly? I'd prefer to see it addressed now thoughtfully between all of us, even though that means that the most radicalized supporters from the right and left will have an "excuse" to amplify their violence for awhile. 

Deepak Chopra wrote an excellent article about the internal shadow of our nation and when I read it this morning I was humbled. I've spent a lot of time with my own shadow so I was able to relate easily. The easiest way to describe it? You are what you resist. 

That's why so many men fighting against LGBT rights often get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and support medieval solutions like conversion therapy.  It's why really decent guys with wonderful wives get in trouble with pornography and young girls.  

My first example was someone I knew early on who was a straight A student with a really bright future and a absolutely angelically beautiful face who was constantly preaching to me about behaving appropriately and in a ladylike fashion. She was eventually caught shoplifting and selling her body. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen anyone do. The shadow emerges because it needs to be dealt with directly. 

Trust me. Everyone has a shadow side. There's just not enough space or time on this page to share mine. 

It takes a lot of strength to look within and acknowledge that you are in some respects the very enemy you're fighting. I think that's what's made Donald Trump so appealing. He's made all of the excesses look easy and the accountability unimportant. That's appealing to anyone. The best thing I can say about what's happened is that the genie is out of the bottle. 

The Democratic Party, home to all the people, the workers , principles of equality and justice for all has been exposed as being every bit as deceitful, manipulative and corrupt as the party whose misdeeds they're busy maligning. The Republican Party who has lined their mattresses by scaring the crap out of people , destroying our environment for their personal gain and using religion , nationalism and patriotism as the ultimate weapon against the country has been exposed as well for the shallow, hypocritical mass that they are. 


In guns we trust. 


Who loses?  America does and because she loses, the planet loses. Her children lose.

Regardless of what happens with the popular vote it's not going to be an easy road for us for awhile and it shouldn't be,  because we're a emotionally and spiritually lazy country. We cloak our own emotional treachery by going to Temple or Church once a week to feel better about what we don't do for each other. Same with all of the self help philosophy .

There are thousands of those books, I've got a few dozen on my shelf. You can whitewash anything to make yourself feel better about it.  

 Trump was elected on 15 second sound bites without any real plan , yet he sowed seeds of fear and dissension, making use of the right wings favorite weapon of fear. Fear of gays, women, Blacks, Muslims.

The Democratic Party didn't listen to its base, so busy were they trying to keep the first truly popular populist candidate they'd seen in decades out of office. Bernie had great sound bites, yet his plan was threatening to the Democratic Party status quo so they used classic suppression tactics..normally the tool of the Republican Party to stop his candidacy.

The only way forward that I can see is that we as Americans have to beat them, all of them at their own game. We have to talk to each other. Those of us who voted for Hillary have to acknowledge our quiet role in the acceptance of the suppression of the most popular Democratic candidate I've seen in my lifetime , simply because you were scared of the word Socialism and all of its 1950's implications.  

I know many of you won't agree with me , but I also believe that we allowed the best female candidate we've seen  yet to be destroyed viciously. That being said, that didn't happen in this election. That happened when all the powers that be forced her to suppress her femaleness and by that I mean feminist sensibilities. The Democratic Party should have pulled their heads out of their ass and let them campaign on equal footing. They'd have probably figured out a way to run together in the end and won. Then we wouldn't be fussing with this whole popular versus electoral vote concept. 

Those of you who voted for Trump need to understand that even though you didn't vote for reasons of race or intolerance, that your vote has enabled all of those very things.  Those of us with gay, bi-racial , female or Muslim or Mexican friends who are terrified find it very hard to accept that America  voted in this tidal wave of intolerance on a sound bite of " I'm going to make America great again " .  Do you understand what that means to me as a Jewish woman that you unleashed the KKK? Or to my bi-racial nieces and nephews? I talked to a gay Jewish man the other night who voted for Trump. I asked him why. He said because he was a "straight talker who would fix it. " I was gobsmacked. What does that mean? More sound bites and sound bites are way easier than self inspection. 

Lots of us didn't speak up fully ( myself included) for reasons of political correctness. Democrats who were busy being kind and understanding were busy fucking ourselves, our black friends and gay relatives. They were also busy slut shaming Melania Trump with pictures from decades prior instead focusing on her husband. Just as misogynistic as the "pussy grabbing " comment if you ask me. Different group..same intention. How did you expect them to react?

Mind you when I say speak up, I don't mean slamming anyone about their beliefs. What I do know is that there are a couple of people that I could have had a conversation with that was respectful yet very direct on both sides of the aisle. I might have made a difference. You might have made a difference.

I thought it was interesting what my son said in the wild aftermath of Tuesday. " Political correctness is decadence. " I think he's  right. Political correctness is just a way to keep the shadow in place. Keep the shadow in place without bringing it into the light and you've got room for all kinds of revolting things to slither and hide under it. 

I'd add to that that thought, Political Correctness is tone deaf. 

On both sides. Just the fact that the last weeks headlines were all about a Democrat named Anthony Weiner should shine candlelight into that crack. How about that FBI,  who's  busily trying to "protect us" and at the same time suppressing relevant information about the President elect and his  connections to hostile governments?

For gods sakes people wake up. We've all been played by ourselves. That makes us a really easy target for anyone. 

All of us, Democrat and Republican are responsible for this mess. Our shadow sides are out there fighting with each other for all of the rest of the world to see.  The only way through this mess is to stop fighting with each other and look within. Do your homework.  Have conversations. Forge alliances with the very people you claim to hate. March together to stop the radical ideologies that would love to keep us from living in peace with each other. 

Follow the money. On both sides. Make no mistake. Domestic Terrorism in this country is being instigated by our leaders. Radicalized Islamic terrorism is a convenient threat to keep us focused on something other than our relationships with each other. The biggest threat to  our current state of  false democracy is if we all begin to talk to each other, to begin to forge common ground without them. 

That's power. Time to take the country back. All of us, together. 

Watch the movie Zeitgeist  if you dare.


and then watch V for Vendetta. That ones closer than you think if we don't come together peacefully now. This would be terrible for all of us.  



See you in Washington.



I don't know where the glorious mural picture came from. Thank you to whoever took it. It's just wonderful.








You know. I'm starting to notice more and more  liberal articles about how the Trump voter felt so silenced by us.  I have to say that I think this silencing conversation being currently touted by liberals is completely troubling to me.  I will also be honest and say that I believe that there is some truth to it.


No absolutes in life. Well, except for death and taxes. 


But for Gods sake, let's try this instead. Let's begin by meeting in the middle. Put our big girl panties on, all of us and begin to grow the fuck up. 


Here are the Kindergarten rules for relationship building between Conservative , Liberals , Greens and whatever else may be lurking out there in the name of political ideology. 


If you want me to stop calling you a racist, misogynist or bully then stop calling me an educated liberal elitist, or a libtard.


Stop telling me that I live in an elitist bubble and am not a "real person".  


Stop chastising me for thinking and at the same time I'll stop chastising you for not. 


Stop telling me that I'm part of a "war on Christianity".  You're just afraid of what you do not understand about other people and their religions. Instead of victimizing yourselves by creating a mythological war, ask me about my own belief. I'll happily assuage your fears. I don't eat  children or steal husbands. I pray to trees.  I'll defend your right any day to pray however you need to. 


There's been disgusting mudslinging and labeling on both sides and it's been coming from the top down. On both sides. We've all bought into it and it's a completely useful political tool.


We're all sheeples people. 






I refuse to suddenly have to carry the emotional burden of responsibility for the current that brought us Donald Trump. I also have no problem looking at myself honestly and seeing where I contributed to the mayhem. 


There's a difference. 


The difference is between personal accountability and self flagellating victimization. One is taking a bold and honest look at who you're being in the world and realizing that you too can sometimes be quite an ass. 


The other is more like masturbation. 


Trump voters- You are not somehow suddenly a victim of me any more than I'm a victim of you. 


If we're going to meet in the middle and have conversations that move us forward, than we have to stop using labels. 


Let's be clear. 


Me saying that I want people to let me know that they don't support hatred, misogyny, racism and bullying is very different than me calling you a racist, sexist, intellectually impoverished or uneducated rural voter which would be quite personal and labeling you. 


I'm asking you to let me know that you've got my back should the need arise. I'm asking you for clarification of your thoughts on racism, bullying and misogyny , not calling you these things. 


You calling me a libtard, socialist or telling me that I'm an educated elitist or a totally out of touch progressive or a stupid tree hugger is extremely personal and labeling me. 


There's nothing there that either of us can hold on to there in terms of relationship building.  


I think what I'm saying is look in the mirror.  Liberals and conservatives. If the shoe fits, deal with yourself first. Then we can tell each other what we think we are. 


If we still can.  Hopefully we'll see a more powerful way forward instead. 



That's the only way I think that alliances can begin to be reforged. 



On both sides now. Give Peace a chance is not a platitude. It's fucking hard work.


Just ask John Lennon. 


Love from the "Smelly Hippy"

Days of Reckoning. Moving forward together in turbulent times.

I do not know how I am supposed to get past this when friends of mine, men and women are being openly harassed and stalked in the worst way possible. When they have to report racial harassment to the police because they are so terrified because white men are sending them pictures of lynchings and calling them fat .......(substitute the nationality of your choice) pigs, talking to them about what they're going to do to them sexually before they harm them.
I don't want to see images of Donald Trump and Barack Obama nicely talking about transition in the oval office. I want to hear Donald Trump apologize to every group of people that he demonized throughout this campaign and assure them of his complete protection.
I hear a lot of calls right now for those of us who are upset by the results of the election "to get with the program and accept the results".
Here's what I have to say. I am with the program. I accept the results of the election. I'm American and I voted, but I didn't vote for a man who stirred up more hate speech than I've ever seen in my life. I didn't vote for a man who openly thought it was ok to grab women by the pussy. UGH. If you did that's your business with the exception of this one thing.
Because you're an American first.
I'm sick of being told that somehow I need to come into the fold. I'm not the one out there committing acts of violence. Those of us who didn't vote for him are not out there hurting people and if there were reports of that you know I'd be just as disgusted. I'm willing to accept this man as my President and even give him a chance. I was going to hold Hillary's feet to the feet and I'll do the same for him. I'm willing to even acknowledge that he'll surprise me and I actually hope so. I think that would be wonderful!
There is havoc being wreaked out there in America because even if he was a just a shill who sold himself to the highest bidder, the highest bidders in this case were the KKK and the white supremacist groups who know feel that they have the right to terrorize anyone they feel. They're having a field day with women of color and different culture. They are threatening their children. How am I supposed to just say come January it's all ok.
NEWSFLASH. Until President Elect Trump comes out and stops this madness being done in his name, it is not OK. At all.
So here's my challenge to those of you who voted for President Elect Trump for reasons other than racism, misogyny, intolerance and bigotry. I'm willing to see that there were reasons that you voted for him that I may never agree with or understand but I can respect your right to do so...but not if it had anything to do with hate.
Please renounce everything that's being done in the aftermath of this election in his name. Please.
Renounce the racist attacks, the swastikas and the gay beatings. The hijab grabbings and threatening of Muslim women. Renounce the racism and the misogynistic language that he used to gain control of the most terrifying voting block in history, most especially David Duke. Renounce locker room talk and pussy grabbing.
Let me know that it's not ok with you if I'm attacked because I'm a Jewish woman and that you'd stand with me and defend me from harm. Let me know that it's not ok with you that my Muslim "family", decent wonderful people are living in fear. Let me know that my bi -racial nieces and nephews are safe in your America and that you will treat them as equals, not see them as thugs. If you know me at all, you know that I am not talking about the horrific escalations of crime against police officers. You ought to know that I don't sanction that any more than I sanction black men and women being murdered in cold blood.
Stand with me and help me build an America that works for everyone. Even if we disagree about the way to do that, talking about it is the way forward. Building coalitions of peoples of all colors and creeds is the way forward. I loved what my son said at one point yesterday. "Have conversations...Look into each others eyes."
This has been a brutal election and I will be the first to admit and apologize right now for saying hurtful things. I don't ever want to go through another election like this ever again. It's unnecessary.  
Let me know that you're willing to have an America for all of us. I would defend your rights to the ends. Let me know that you'll do everything you can to keep me and those I love from harm. If you know me, you know that I would do the same for you. 
 Your silence is sadly your signature.
The beautiful image above is not mine. I have no idea who to attribute it to. That being said, it speaks to my sadness. Thank you to whoever produced it. 

WITCH ~ A Woman in Total Control of Herself! #WelcomeMadamPresident


I don't normally get too political on this blog but here's the thing. Being a Witch is for the most part a political statement. We're feminists not misogynists. We worship our Mother Earth. We abhor war. We stand for peace, clean air, clean food and clean water. We stand for equal rights for all, equal choices for all. We stand for kindness to our animal companions and cruelty free products. We stand for a women's right to choose anything that she needs to do for herself to be healthy. We stand for our men, our partners and our children. You'll find us everywhere you look...anywhere that passion for justice, empathy and religious tolerance is required. 

Witch is a term that is traditionally coopted to create fear and to control with fear. Fear of a powerful woman, fear of a woman who is in complete control of herself and her destiny. If she doesn't "need" a man...there must be something awry.  Go ahead and google "Hillary Clinton Witch" on the images page. You'll see what I mean. It's horrific. A real witch is anything but that.This was the only nice picture that I could find. 

No dark arts in the craft....only love. 

I'm here like so many others to reclaim the term. WITCH. Woman In Control of Herself. Not a demonic creature who will eat your children and steal your husband, but a real woman, with real power. Power to heal, power to love and a desire to protect all that she holds dear. There are Christian Witches, Jewish Witches, Muslim Witches, Bahai Witches, Hindu Witches...A Witch is one that holds the whole of the world sacred.  Hillary Clinton is a very powerful WITCH by my terms and her political enemies have done nothing but try  to make this election about her stamina, her lack of accomplishments????, her husband and even worse, Donald Trump himself spoke on the national stage about jailing her....the modern day equivalent of "Burn Witch Burn. She's still charges forward. I frankly don't know how she does it.  

We've got 7 days. Just 7 days until this election is over. I know many who are voting for Trump because of their boyfriends or husbands. Don't do it. Not if you don't really want to. The voting booth is the one place where you get to think for yourself...cast a vote for your own principals and ideals even if it's scary. Cast a vote for women's rights. Cast a vote for your daughters and unborn grand daughters. Cast a vote so that we continue to have a say in our destinies. A vote for Trump almost guarantees us a world without respect. 

 I know that many feel that Hillary isn't the perfect candidate...that's she's flawed. I know that many love her unabashedly. I know that many, like me, really loved Bernie. I'm voting for HRC because although she wasn't my first choice, she's a very qualified woman. I've watched her for years. I admire her. I believe that in her acceptance of much of the ultra progressive platform that Bernie brought to the table that she's showed that she's open minded and will work with us, not against us. I believe that this election has only just begun. On November the 9th if Hillary does win, we have to hold her to her promises and in turn allow her to become the greatest first woman President EVER!


That being said..we've got work to do. We've got 7 days. well, 6 and a half really. If you don't want to see a Trump Presidency, lets put aside our differences and get going. From now until election day, lets flood our social media pages with thoughts about what it means to be a woman running for office in this day and age. Lets make it clear that we won't stand for the distraction of a bogus email scandal. Let's make it clear that assault of women is something that we'll never stand for. That even the potential of rape of a 13 year old is so despicable to us that there's no way that we'd ever let that man near the Presidency let alone our daughters. This is not a normal election. I truly think that Donald Trump is one of the most dangerous men that I've ever seen get this close to the Presidency. We've got to say no to him. We need to hand her a mandate. She'll know what to do with it. 

Let's let Trump and his followers know that the threat of jailing (or worse) the first woman to ever win her parties nomination for the highest office in the land is completely unacceptable. That the SCOTUS will stay balanced. That no woman will ever be jailed or punished for a choice that she makes for her own body. I could go on and on here..this campaign and it's awful rhetoric is unprecedented but that's not what needs to happen. We need to get her elected so that we can continue to fight for progressive and powerful change in the world. I challenge all of you to 7 days of tweets or posts. even just once a day..you don't have to be a political animal like I am. Highlight the positive or shine a light on the bullshit. Highlight anytime you see misogyny in action. Write blog posts. Instagram . Whatever. Be sure to use the hashtag #WelcomeMadamPresident

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