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Days of Reckoning. Moving forward together in turbulent times.

I do not know how I am supposed to get past this when friends of mine, men and women are being openly harassed and stalked in the worst way possible. When they have to report racial harassment to the police because they are so terrified because white men are sending them pictures of lynchings and calling them fat .......(substitute the nationality of your choice) pigs, talking to them about what they're going to do to them sexually before they harm them.
I don't want to see images of Donald Trump and Barack Obama nicely talking about transition in the oval office. I want to hear Donald Trump apologize to every group of people that he demonized throughout this campaign and assure them of his complete protection.
I hear a lot of calls right now for those of us who are upset by the results of the election "to get with the program and accept the results".
Here's what I have to say. I am with the program. I accept the results of the election. I'm American and I voted, but I didn't vote for a man who stirred up more hate speech than I've ever seen in my life. I didn't vote for a man who openly thought it was ok to grab women by the pussy. UGH. If you did that's your business with the exception of this one thing.
Because you're an American first.
I'm sick of being told that somehow I need to come into the fold. I'm not the one out there committing acts of violence. Those of us who didn't vote for him are not out there hurting people and if there were reports of that you know I'd be just as disgusted. I'm willing to accept this man as my President and even give him a chance. I was going to hold Hillary's feet to the feet and I'll do the same for him. I'm willing to even acknowledge that he'll surprise me and I actually hope so. I think that would be wonderful!
There is havoc being wreaked out there in America because even if he was a just a shill who sold himself to the highest bidder, the highest bidders in this case were the KKK and the white supremacist groups who know feel that they have the right to terrorize anyone they feel. They're having a field day with women of color and different culture. They are threatening their children. How am I supposed to just say come January it's all ok.
NEWSFLASH. Until President Elect Trump comes out and stops this madness being done in his name, it is not OK. At all.
So here's my challenge to those of you who voted for President Elect Trump for reasons other than racism, misogyny, intolerance and bigotry. I'm willing to see that there were reasons that you voted for him that I may never agree with or understand but I can respect your right to do so...but not if it had anything to do with hate.
Please renounce everything that's being done in the aftermath of this election in his name. Please.
Renounce the racist attacks, the swastikas and the gay beatings. The hijab grabbings and threatening of Muslim women. Renounce the racism and the misogynistic language that he used to gain control of the most terrifying voting block in history, most especially David Duke. Renounce locker room talk and pussy grabbing.
Let me know that it's not ok with you if I'm attacked because I'm a Jewish woman and that you'd stand with me and defend me from harm. Let me know that it's not ok with you that my Muslim "family", decent wonderful people are living in fear. Let me know that my bi -racial nieces and nephews are safe in your America and that you will treat them as equals, not see them as thugs. If you know me at all, you know that I am not talking about the horrific escalations of crime against police officers. You ought to know that I don't sanction that any more than I sanction black men and women being murdered in cold blood.
Stand with me and help me build an America that works for everyone. Even if we disagree about the way to do that, talking about it is the way forward. Building coalitions of peoples of all colors and creeds is the way forward. I loved what my son said at one point yesterday. "Have conversations...Look into each others eyes."
This has been a brutal election and I will be the first to admit and apologize right now for saying hurtful things. I don't ever want to go through another election like this ever again. It's unnecessary.  
Let me know that you're willing to have an America for all of us. I would defend your rights to the ends. Let me know that you'll do everything you can to keep me and those I love from harm. If you know me, you know that I would do the same for you. 
 Your silence is sadly your signature.
The beautiful image above is not mine. I have no idea who to attribute it to. That being said, it speaks to my sadness. Thank you to whoever produced it. 


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