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June 2016

Thinking about the future.....#ImWithHer




Quick note: I usually don't use this blog as a political platform. Today is a different day. I'm heartbroken for my country. The Orlando shooting has made me tender and this Witch feels the need to speak out. Please forgive me in advance..and if you feel the same way, please let me know. 


 I'm pretty fired up and ready to hit the campaign trail for HRC . I am sorry if that makes some of you feel that I've let the "cause" down. I am , however following Bernie Sander's lead. He will come out with guns blazing against Donald Trump and campaigning for HRC as soon as this is wrapped up. He's pretty much said so.

We who love him but have switched candidates will continue to forward his policies. He doesn't want his legacy to be the one that let Trump win and destroy what's left of this country. He's fought hard for us. We shouldn't let him down. He is amazing. 

For those of you willing to bargain that 4 years of Trump won't make that much of a difference and somehow you'll be able to pick up the pieces? I leave you to those thoughts. You are entitled to them no matter how much you want to gamble with an entire countries wellbeing, not just your own. Remember... The only thing standing between Obamacare and no Obamacare is Barack Obama and the Supreme Court. Millions of people could lose health insurance... leaving them to the mercy of big pharma. Ouch. It's not perfect but for millions of Americans it's better than nothing.

I'm sick of the bullying phrase being used by the Sanders supporters that somehow, by pointing out that history could repeat itself and that a Trump Presidency could be terrifying and devastating to the very fabric of our country that those of us who have switched our allegiance are "trying to scare you , or using fear tactics". That's what you're doing...bullying those of us who have decided that we'd rather have a President who may not be perfect, but isn't a misogynistic, radicalized, racist liar who by the way, could decide to declare Martial Law at any time because these terrorists are becoming homegrown.

It might interest you to realize that the reason that the Senate and Congress have refused to authorize the AUMF against Isis, is because Republican leaders were terrified that somehow Barack Obama would declare Martial Law ( which he could do ) and declare a third term for himself. Do you think for one second that a GOP led Senate and Congress would hesitate to authorize that act with a Republican President? How about the possibility of three Supreme Court Justices that could be appointed? All of you who are so worried about Hillary being involved with big banking? Have you looked at the top 1% percent of this country? What makes you think that it won't get worse if you hand the Presidency to Trump by default?

Last point before I hit publish and lose at least 30 friends. ( I hope not but so be it ) if you decide that somehow a vote for Jill Stein or someone else instead of the Dem candidate is your last stand? Are you ready to accept what happens? What's your plan? Are you really happy to watch the EPA gutted, your Muslim and Mexican friends and neighbors deported?

BTW? Do you honestly think that peace activists and political activists won't be targeted and jailed? Do you think they won't have a great place to stick us, called for profit prisons? Because you will be targeted. It's already law, thank you Bush /Cheney. Watch the Patriot act be strengthened and abused. We are labeled as "Domestic Terrorists" They'll just enforce it now...much like Trump has decided to boot the Washington Post from his events. I'm wondering if those of you who are calling for the equivalent of anarchy will be up to the job once it occurs. Revolution is never pretty. We'd all better learn to shoot assault rifles.

That being said, wouldn't it be more prudent to stick around and work on the off year campaigns...just not the high profile ones? That's what the tea party did... And that how all of of us are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. Make no mistake. If you're wondering why he's in power? It's because we let it happen...all of us.

So I guess I'm saying, be careful what you ask for... Use your vote wisely. If you're my friend and you decide to split? I love you anyhow.

Oh Goddess... Here we go....


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