Stirring the Senses ~ Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life?
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Redecorating the Soul ~ Are you Ready to Fall Madly in Love with your Life?

11269490_10206427049372557_5643436669307990368_nRedecorating the Soul was born one day last year when my dear friend Jane came bouncing into the Western Reserve Herb Gardens where we both volunteer and said, “Beth…I’ve got to tell you about this amazing dream that I had last night!”
My friend Jane is an absolutely fascinating woman and when she speaks, I listen.   We sat down on the chiseled stone block that borders on the entrance to our part of the garden. She began to tell me about her dream; a splendid and dramatic experience in which she was visited by elves, fairies and dwarfs who were walking in and out of her heart, carrying chandeliers, paintings, mirrors, dishes, draperies and gorgeous silken rugs.

Ever curious, she asked them what they were doing. “Why we’re Redecorating your Soul”, the elves laughed!   “ Your inner décor has gotten a wee bit dated and you haven't washed your windows in centuries!"

As she told me the details, I began to notice that a change had really come upon her. She's always laughing and twinkly because she's quite Irish elf herself,  but on this day she was absolutely effervescent. The experience of having her soul completely redecorated from the inside out had totally reconnected her with her life's work and her passions!
 Needless to say, I was completely enchanted and intrigued! Then the light bulb went off!
 I asked her what she was doing with the idea. “Why nothing” she said. I came in to tell you because “YOU need to do something with it.”

735185_992422987497199_5196359956439727154_nSo I went home and told Jim about it and he loved the thought of it as much as I did. We began to talk about, dream about it and play with the concept. Redecorating from the inside out? Why not? How much fun would it be to structure a Life/Wellness Coaching conversation that is ontological in nature around the concepts of Creativity, Beauty, Spirit and Home.  Soon our new program Redecorating the Soul was ready to be born.  
So tell us. Are you ready to fall madly in love with your life…yourself and each other? Are you ready to recreate your life as the work of art that you've always wanted it to be?
It would be our great honor if you'd consider us as guides for your journey! 

Let's get started!


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