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Milady's Pantry ~ A Luscious Midwinter Mushroom Soup


12809592_10208503822490587_1667076627467386098_nMushroom soup is one of those things that I absolutely love to make and eat, especially during the winter months. For a vegetarian, mushrooms are a delicious and meaty flavored substitute and they really satisfy me when I'm craving something a little denser and chewier than normal. This soup is so simple to make and it's wonderfully rich, earthy and fragrant!

For this soup I started out with a large box of cremini mushrooms, about 4 cups worth and sauteed them in butter with onions and shallots. If I had a selection of mixed mushrooms I would have used those as I love the different flavors they impart. Once they were soft, I added about 8 cups of water and three tablespoons of my favorite "No Chicken", chicken base. Then I added a tablespoon of a dried herb mixture with more shallots, lemon zest and tarragon, three tablespoons of fresh pesto and let it all simmer for about ten minutes. After that, I took all of the mushrooms and put them into the cuisinart, gave them a quick pulse and added them back into the pot. A can of coconut cream ( I do think that Trader Joes makes the best!), a quick stir and five more minutes of simmering time and it's ready. 

I garnished it with shredded parmesan and black pepper and served it  for lunch with a crusty,warmed and buttered baguette. Tomorrow night I'll serve it with a simple salad and a bit of brie. Maybe a glass of white Bordeaux too...Life is good...very very good!

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