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Claires Herbs ~ Garlic

I can't even begin to list all of the reasons that I love garlic! Besides its obvious deliciousness , it's so incredibly good for you. Not to make you squeamish but it's said that a clove of fresh garlic a day keeps the intestinal parasites away, and a poultice of garlic and raw honey under a bandaid has helped me heal many a wound when neosporin just wasn't available! Come fall when the weather is turning I'll always make a hot soup of fresh garlic, green herbs, , shrimp chili and coconut milk to help beef up my immune system in time for the cold and rainy weather that October usually brings! Some of this particular batch is going to be pesto for a potato and mushroom pizza tonight! Bon Appetit! @herbalacademy #myherbalstudies #MiladysOutlanderHerbCampCulinary #MiladysOutlanderHerbCampMedicinal

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