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Milady's Tinctures, Tonics & Teas ~ Making Refreshing Summer Teas from Fresh Herbs!


One of the loveliest things about growing your own herbs is that you always have a pesticide free source of flowers and leaves to create delicious fresh teas. I learned to make fresh teas many years ago and when I have the plant material at my disposal I actually prefer teas made this way. The vibration that you experience from drinking a tea of just picked herbs is indeed different then a tea steeped from the dried. 

What you see here is a tea brewing that is made of several different herbs and flowers.This is specifically combined to be a very relaxing tea that will also help me focus upon the writing work at hand.  I harvested these herbs literally 10 minutes ago, at twilight with fireflies dancing all around me. The base I've chosen is about 2 cups of Holy Basil ( tulsi), an herb widely renowned for its soothing, stress reducing and cooling properties ( I still get hot flashes !) and 2 cups lemon verbena, lemon balm (quite good for the gut and any frazzled nerves!) , rose (well known as an antidepressant and digestif!), pineapple mint( a beautiful light mint with a very fruity quality!) and some Pink Monarda  (One of my favorite herbs to use when my energy is waning).

You can make fresh herb teas through a electric tea infuser and it will work quite well, but in my experience the depth of flavor is not the same as what will develop if you use this easy process. I just put all of these herbs into a non-reactive stainless steel saucepan and I add about 3 quarts of filtered water. I prefer filtered water for the obvious simply tastes better! Then I turn on the stove and I let the water heat up, to not quite a simmer. 

Keeping the burner on, I let the whole thing steep for about 45 minutes or however long it takes from the blooms and leaves to lose their color. Then I turn off the heat, let it all infuse for about 20 minutes, press the herbs one last time with the back of a spoon and remove them from the pot. Then I decant the tea into 1 quart mason jars, put on the lids and refrigerate. These teas are absolutely delicious warm, but they really come into their own when they've settled a bit a chilled down.

Just add your favorite sweetener, a still warm oatmeal raisin cookie , a hammock and call it a day!





This Beautiful Wedding Hammock is courtesy of The Victorian trading Company


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