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My Outlander Love Affair - Preparing for Wentworth Prison.





If you are following the spectacular Starz series "Outlander" based upon the brilliant novel written by Diana Gabaldon, you are definitely aware that this weekend we are about to see something that's really never been shown on television...the brutal, sadistic and systematic rape, torture and subsequent emotional redemption  of a beloved and incredibly wonderful  and complex male character, one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Laird of Broch Tourach in the Scottish Highlands at the hands of Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall..a deeply disturbed and sociopathic Captain of the British army.

If you only know me from this blog, you might not be aware that I run the Outlander Love Affair Facebook Page. . I'm writing this article because of a comment that I received this morning on my page that upset me deeply. 

A little light housekeeping- I rarely remove a comment from my page, but I have done so today because I felt that it did little to contribute and forward the conversation about the upcoming Wentworth episode and instead felt more like an angry hit and run.

Written abuse is no less abuse.

In my opinion, simplistic accusations of homophobia and simply reducing the conversation of an entire group to the fear of watching a handsome heterosexual young man be tortured and sexually abused are completely missing the point.  Violence is not nor has it ever been gender specific. 

I really am pretty convinced that neither of those things are the splinters being driven under our fingernails about this next episode of Outlander.

There's a lot to be said and speculated about what we will be seeing in the upcoming Wentworth Prison episode, but one thing is for will be shocking and it will be graphic and lest anyone forget, it will be a very accurate retelling of history. Rape and violence are the oldest known spoils of war. The English systematically and relentlessly  destroyed the Scottish way of life for their own terrifying reasons. 

We carry the knowledge of this in our DNA from his/herstory past and present. I want to also say that if you are one who has experienced this sort of violence and trauma in this present lifetime and is unresolved , I hope that you'll be good to yourself ....don't watch it. Be safe..take care of yourself. There will undoubtedly be emotional triggers. Know and respect your limits.

For me, I'm unnerved to watch this upcoming episode because I am a survivor of violence and I'm sure that I'm not the only one here. We are about to watch one of the most sadistic and brutal scenes in literary history come to life at the hands of two absolutely brilliant actors. My fear has nothing to do with homophobia... It has everything to do with the fact that we will be watching a scene come to life that I know has been repeated over and over again throughout recorded history. Again. Violence is not nor has it ever been gender specific.

It is here that I should disclose that I have been trained and continue to dance in the realm of Past Life regression for well over 30 years. I do this work with any who need it sans hypnosis and without any artificial conditions or thoughts. All that is truly required to go into the regressive state is an open mind, a safe space to be present in and several extraordinarily deep breaths. Mind you..what follows are my own beliefs. I realize this may be pushing it for some of you and I won't be offended if you stop reading now. 

What's fascinating about my work is that no one ever has ever come back as Cleopatra or Queen Elizabeth. Regression work is not about discovering "Who" you were in that sense...its about discovering who you were being back then and who you continue to be in this present moment.  My clients go to places deep inside of themselves with me simply holding their hand and they safely re-experience anything that they need to,  so that they can be whole and complete in this present lifetime. We bring things with us from one lifetime to another, over and over again until we learn the lessons that we need to from them. That's the beauty of this kind of brave and soulful illumination. 

Over and over again I have seen men on my Reiki table re-experience long held cellular memories of being women and vice- versa. I wish I had a dime for every man or woman who in my presence re-experienced rape, torture and/or execution from another time and place. I wish that I had a dime for every man or woman who came out of their session realizing that they'd been the torturer, the cruel one in one lifetime or another. I wouldn't be writing this right now...then again maybe I would. It's fascinating...and its terrifying to realize that the things that we see as fiction actually were experienced over and over again , used as weapons against each other, justified by ideology and greed.

What I have learned over the years is that we are far vaster creatures than we realize. We remember ever so much more than we think. We carry the knowledge of all of this brutal past on a cellular level. I know grown men who cannot watch this series for this very reason. It's too much to process all at feels too real. Thats because once upon a time in a not made for TV story it was very many parts of the world, America included , it still is.  

Much like Claire discovers as she falls through time,  the Jacobite rebellion is very real and so is the English destruction of the Highland way of life. Decent men were destroyed for money and property. Land was stolen. Superstitious crowds of people were whipped into murderous frenzy and innocent women were burned at the stake for possessing too much knowledge and too much moxie. Magic was stolen from us and our lands were plundered by the greed of men whose weapons were religion and money.  Does any of this sound familiar? It's still happening today.

That is simply because His/Herstory unexamined is always doomed to repeat itself.  Cellular memory is ancient and strong. 

We have not forgotten any of it...we have too long suppressed it out of fear of remembering   that pain. Brilliant stories and TV series like Outlander give us the opportunity to touch a long forgotten bit of ourselves and learn something about our own humanity. We'd love to believe that we have always been good, light hearted beings. The truth is that we probably haven't been. Get to know and accept your shadow side. It makes life much much easier...much more honest. It is impossible to live with yourself when pieces of your psyche are missing. 

 I would ask that as we watch "Wentworth" and comment this weekend that we please be sensitive to the fact that there are probably other survivors  of torture and sexual violence  reading all of our comments and that for many this is absolutely real and not just a story that they're afraid to witness. Even if you're not a survivor of violence,  you may be about to understand that experience a bit more because of the brilliance of these actors , writers and producers. They are being very generous with us. They have bared everything for us, body and soul. This is tough material. It's groundbreaking. It's terrifying and once upon a time  past and present it was and is very very real. 


Sam Heughan and Tobias are so very brave. You have brought your lives, and your blood , sweat and tears  to a beloved story in a way that is wild and so incredibly visceral.

Thank you for all of it........not just the pretty bits.  




Diane Tosh

Thank you so much for this post. Although I do not know a lot about past life regression, I know about the recovery of repressed and live memory of trauma people have experienced in their current carnation. As you point out, the rape and torture, both physical and mental, that might been shown in the upcoming episode is still prevalent all over the world today, in both personal and institutional contexts.
I do have concerns about how the scenes will be depicted. I love the show so far, I love how differently from other television they have presented so much of the material. But this, as I mentioned in a comment on another discussion (in case anyone is else is scouring all the blogs due to mixed feelings!), I am worried that Outlander might have been pressured into joining the TV shock wars or first-to-cross "the line" contest. Based on previous evidence it doesn't seem like this production team would, but the pre-show publicity is veering on titillating which disturbs me in itself.
Should we look at the reality of rape and torture head on? Probably, for those able, if there is a hope that knowledge will help prevent more. But can it be presented in fictional accounts on the small or large screen without being prurient? I'm not sure, if simply because of how that content is almost universally consumed at this point.
These actors are wonderful and I think we have seen sparks of what they can really do. They and we deserve to see everything they have to offer. But how much of this is the platform required for that?
I hope the show surprises me, as it has before. But I'm not enjoying the P.R.

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