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The Witches Garden- Huzzah! It's finally Spring!

The Witches Garden- it's Spring... Huzzah!

It's been slowly becoming Spring here in Northeast Ohio, but I think that we're finally getting somewhere! It was a lovely breezy day, and after a lovely trail ride and a long walk on the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath with Jim and the girls, I ventured out into one of the gardens. 

There's alot of spring cleaning work to do for sure, chicken coops and compost bins to build (maybe even a beehive!) , but I was just thrilled by what I saw emerging. Here are a few pictures with more to follow. Tons of fresh comfrey, just in time for poultices to sooth aching muscles! Handfuls of fresh lovage, perfect for stuffing a chicken and lots of asparagus starting to appear. Garlic chives and lots of leeks and healthy stems of licorice flavored anise hyssop, just waiting to become a soothing tea. Fresh Rhubarb for pie and the biggest surprise? Three (yes count em 3) ramps, growing forth from where I lovingly planted them last spring. I am thrilled. My favorite spring greens, actually flourishing in my yard! I won't touch them this year, but by next spring I ought to be able to grab a handful. I'm so excited!

I'll be back tomorrow!


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