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Claire's Herbs: Yellow Flag Liniment

Aren't yellow irises ( or flags as we call them here in Ohio) absolutely gorgeous?

I like to infuse the root and flowers of the wild yellow flag in sweet almond oil and add to that several drops of rose absolute , neroli and ylang ylang to make a sweet smelling yet totally soothing rub for sore, cramped muscles . Make sure that the flowers are fresh and the roots clean and always be sure to take them from an area that you know is pesticide free. Chop the roots and add the flowers and roots to a mason jar and infuse all of it with sweet almond oil for a week. Make sure that you store this in a cool dark place. At the end of the week strain the jar and add the fragrant oils. Use anytime you need a sweet , soothing rub for tired muscles!

Claire's Herbs: Yellow Flag Liniment



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