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Handling deer in the city


 Public Service Announcement ! Where I live we've got so many herds of white tailed deer and very small pieces of property.  This morning there was  a very large herd in my neighbors driveway including an enormous stag. This can pose a real problem for us urban dwellers if we're not prepared. If you're out walking your dogs they will generally alert you to their presence, but please don't think that you're safe from the stags because of the dogs. Because it is mating season they are not as shy as normal. Let your kids know that they are not friendly at this time of year. It's easy to assume incorrectly that they are comfortable because they are coming closer than usual. That's not true. They're coming closer because their hormones are driving them to find mates. I've seen a very large stag jump up from the brush where he was hiding and proceed to charge me and my very large dog.  It was quite scary!

I'm used to large herds because of all my years of living in the country but I guess that I want to make sure that all of us remember these 5 things~ 

1: Don't put out food for them right now as tempting as the mineral, grain filled salt blocks look. City yards are too small. You definitely want them to graze and move on. 

2: It's rutting (mating)  season- the stags are very agressive and can be dangerous. If you're out walking and you see one walk away because they will charge you. 

3: Undoubtably you'll come across what are known as bachelor herds ~ Stags of varying ages and size that travel together who have not found their herds. Walk Away!  

4: Watch the roads ~ we're not used to lot's of deer in the city and they spring out without warning. More often then not where there's one there's plenty more so be careful.

5: We've encroached upon their habitat. Let's share it wisely with them and we can all live well and happily together.


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