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So I was laying quietly in bed this morning, listening to the wind howling through the trees and my husband calls up the stairs "Honey do you want to try a cool experiment?"  Now we're currently training our two huge hounds so I figured that it probably had something to do with that. 

You can imagine then that I was totally surprised  to find him in the liquor cabinet searching for brandy, especially given that it wasn't yet 9:00 am. I was definitely intrigued!

Jim's just started practicing Tai Chi again after an absence of 25 years so naturally he's quite intrigued by videos like the one that you'll soon watch that's been posted below.  I love working with with healing energies so this really didn't seem like a stretch. We put out the cheapest cognac that I had (because just in case I wasn't going to waste my precious stash of Calvados!) and poured an equal amount into three glasses. Then we followed the Master on the video. 

I was pleasantly surprised. When we were done it was completely obvious that there was a difference in the glasses. Both of our glasses were indeed sweeter and the third glass was very harsh. Then just for fun thinking that perhaps the warmth of our hands had done it we let the glasses get cold. There was still a noticeable difference. Then each of us took turns shutting our eyes while mixing up the glasses. We could still tell which glass had not been worked with. 

Try it for yourself. The implcations are quite astonishing if you think about them. Every Eastern culture has an energetic process for purification of food and water that involves an energetic transference between oneself and ones sustenence. Here in America we are constantly relying upon other processes to takecare of this for us. I'm not saying that we should give up the many advances that we've made, but what I am saying is that if we began to take some responsibility for these things alongside of the  processes that we've created, then perhaps we'll begin to reestablish  some very important connections to our source.

Our 20th century detachment from earth as the source of our lifeforce and our reliance on outward industrial processes has finally pushed us perilously close to the edge of the enviromental cliff.I believe that it's going to take a reemergence of personal accountablity on all of our parts to help us thrive, not simply survive into the next century. The energy spoken of here (not unlike the one truth found in all religions) is the same, it's just the process of using it that changes. Now take that one step further and wonder for yourself. What could be done if all of us put that same intention into everything that we did? What would life look like for not just ourselves but our children and our grandchildren?



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