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Tinctures ,Tonics and Teas: Making the Perfect Iced Matcha Latte'




I've stopped drinking coffee because it does make me very jittery and has a tendency to raise my blood pressure and make my stomach hurt. That being said I wanted to find a drink that tasted great , was white sugar free and was caffeinated so I could have something great to drink in the morning. I stumbled upon the idea of a simple Matcha Latte'.
Beautiful Matcha Tea ~ Image Origin Unknown

Matcha is a delicious powdered Japanese green tea that is usually mixed with hot water to form a frothy ceremonial green tea. Here Nicole from Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights demonstrates the perfect way to make my drink using unsweetened soy milk , Matcha , ice and honey! When I make it at home I shake it with unsweetened coconut or almond milk! It's absolutely delicious and because I'm drinking a tea made from the whole leaf the caffeine assimilated slowly AND I get all of the health benefits of the whole green Matcha tea. Matcha tea has tons of antioxidants and naturally boosts metabolism and burns calories, as well as has been known to aid in lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
All you'll need is ice, 2 and a half cups of almond milk, about 6 scoops of powdered matcha tea and honey. If you can't use honey, you can use agave nectar or stevia. Put it all in a cocktail shaker, shake until frothy and enjoy! Sometimes if I want it to be a bit spicier I add a teaspoon of Penzeys Chinese Five Spice powder! Just delicious!



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