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June 2013

Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth


One of the joys of being an active member of The Western Reserve Herb Society is the abundant talent and intellect of the group. Far from being just a "ladies who lunch" club, this is a working group that spends its time caring for the established herb gardens down at The Cleveland Botanical Garden as well as having  teaching meetings at it's members homes and down at the gardens. Yesterday's meeting was no less extraordinary. I was told to bring a picnic type dish to share and come prepared to be amazed. I can't give you the exact location of these beautiful gardens , but I will say that they are nestled along the banks of the beautiful Chagrin River.  As you can see, I arrived and found myself completely lost in paradise.

It was a wonderful day spent with friends partaking in a glorious Japanese Tea Ceremony , breaking bread together and wandering this extensive and utterly gorgeous monastery garden. I'd be hard pressed to choose my favorite of the beautiful structures but I'd have to say that if I could have taken one of them home it would have been this one. I left feeling refreshed , heart-filled and truly inspired.  



Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth

Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth

Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth

Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth

Gaia's Gardens: Heaven on Earth

Meditation : Meeting Your Spirit Guides ~ Work Your Magic!





I have met many of my own spirit guides over the years...through guided journeys such as this one, yoga and other moving meditations or quite spontaneously, such as the time in  the Grand Tetons when my husband and I were circled repeatedly by a pair of low flying eagles. St. Germain and Archangel Michael seem to be present alot and the lion has been with me since birth and never leaves. He is a constant source of strength, wisdom and comfort. (And periodically the inspiration behind my hair and wardrobe!)

So I invite you to sit back, relax and take a journey to find some of your own. What you see and who you meet may surprise you!  


Tinctures ,Tonics & Teas~ A tea to keep all of your joints juicy!



Tinctures ,Tonics & Teas~ A tea to keep your joints juicy!

I love this time of year because Every morning I make fresh herb teas using the bounty of my yard and garden! There's plenty of time for tea bags in the dead of winter but now's the time to put a pot of spring water on the stove, set it to boil and then take a long walk in your yard with your harvesting scissors. Fresh herb teas simmered slowly are my favorites and I love drink them all summer long hot and iced.

This mornings tea is filled with plenty of herbal allies that will help to keep all of your muscles and joints juicy and pain free!

Here's what's in the saucepan;
Comfrey leaves~ a known arthritis reliever (use comfrey leaves for no more than two weeks at a time and then give your body a two week break)
Spearmint~a calming digestif with anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities
Stevia leaves ~ a natural sweetener
Black Raspberry leaves~ I find them to be an exceptional tonic  for drawing toxins out through the bowels, cleansing for the liver and kidneys.
Anise Hyssop~ a delightfully licorice flavored herb, a very relaxing nervine
Stinging Nettles ~ one of my favorite " all heal" plants, among all of its other virtues it's a fabulous spring tonic and a gift to those with poor circulation !

This is so simple to do and I hope that you'll feel inspired to create your own blends. Just take a handful of these fresh herbs and put them in a pan of spring water . Turn on low and let simmer for at least 20 minutes. Strain and flavor with stevia or honey and jump into the nearest hammock or cuddly chair....Delicious!

Easy Payment Options for Reiki and other Healing Services!

Here are my easy and secure payment options for Reiki and other Healing Services! Thank you so much for your order. I am thrilled to be working with you! Healing Happens!
The Windesphere Witch

Kitchen Apothecary
Distance Reiki Sessions

Reiki and Other Healing Services


"Healing is very different than curing, just as the work of healers is very different from that of medical doctors. Healing is the act of ridding your body of the conditions that create and support disease. Most of the illnesses that people suffer from today arise primarily from lifestyle - related causes, such as stress, diet and lack of exercise. changes in these areas can eliminate many illnesses. "

Susan West Kurz


Reiki/ Energy/Body-Work

The statement above is beautiful and succinct, but I'd make it even simpler and say that creating harmony and balance in all areas of your life allows your beauty to begin to glow and grow from within. I have been a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist for almost 30 years as well as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and healer who works with energy through the laying on of hands or through the powerful visualization of Distance Reiki. Give yourself the gift of an hour of bone deep relaxation and healing with me as your guide. 

85.00 a session / 1 Hour distance healing 

50.00 a session for 30 minutes of distance healing

 You will find easy and secure payment options here!


Kitchen Apothecary

 Most people discover the benefits of traditional herbalism and other botanical treatments when they discover that they have a serious illness or feel as if they've been given up on or fallen through the cracks of the traditional allopathic system. What's missing? More than likely a healthy dose of Vitamin L, or that which I call the "Art of putting love into your food!" Herbs and specific foods can be used to support the healing process and even help to prevent disease, while nurturing and nourishing the whole being. I will teach you how to promote healing through the preparation of exquisite yet healthy foods.  

I will take a detailed health history from you, which will contain any prescriptions that you are currently taking , your dietary habits and how you exercise. This will also include multi-generational family history, food choices past and present and your past and present health concerns. We will then discuss together a health and wellness plan that will address your diet and possibly include specific whole foods, herbs and spices, herbal supplements, teas, flower essences, or other holistic health support.  

 $85.00 First session / 1 Hour  Skype/phone consultation

$50.00 For 30 minute follow up phone or Skype sessions  

You will find easy and secure payment options here! 

Living Loving Food 

I learned to cook when my mother went back to work. Everyday when I got home from school (I was 11 at the time) my mother would call and she'd say, "take the leg of lamb out of the refrigerator" and then teach me to prepare it over the phone. She was able to be descriptive in a way that was actually better than if she'd shown me herself and because I was doing all of the work, I learned to cook very well.

She was patient, a very good teacher and she taught me not only the basics of cooking, but because she really understood food, she was able to teach me to use what I'd learned to create delicious food that was healing and full of love.  It is a joy to pass on what I learned from her to you. If you'd like personal cooking instruction from me and you're not in my area, I can easily work with you over the phone.  If you're in the Cleveland area, I will happily arrange a time to come to your home and play with you in your kitchen!

Just text me at 440-941-5186  and we'll arrange a time that I will set aside especially for you! Include your name, phone number and email.  I'll then send you a number where you'll be able to reach me for 2.00 a minute and I'll teach you to create a wonderful meal of your choosing or whatever it is you'd like to learn to cook. No request is too daunting! Every request is loads of fun!

 Please email me at [email protected] to schedule a Living Loving Food, Kitchen Apothecary or Reiki Session. 


Group and Corporate Health and Wellness Coaching programs are also available!



Please note: 

I am not a registered nutritionist , dietician or personal trainer. I am a Board Certified Holistic Health  practitioner. Any advice that is given is based upon my own personal observations, opinions or experiences I've had in life and the training that I've accrued.  

 Many don't realize this but the  craft of herbalism is not regulated nor licensed by any governing body in the US. There are no real legal title designations for American herbalism.To maintain personal standards and relay the degree of learning obtained, herbalists in America typically use the title their school or teacher gave them . Use your own instincts to determine the level of expertise possessed by any practitioner that you consider using to help you enhance your health and well being. I am of the opinion myself that this places the onus on us to be teachers who will help you in your quest for wellness and that if we do our job right you'll be able to understand and utilize these plants, foods and extracts yourself for your overall wellbeing.

As an Herbalist/Aromatherapist I will not ever diagnose your condition , treat you medically or interfere with any treatment that your Doctor may have prescribed. Keep in mind that every person and every body is different. Don't expect to have the same results as me (or anyone else). And while I don't think any of my behaviors are risky, they may be risky for you depending on your own personal health.  Herbs, Flower Essences and Essential Oils should always complement whatever treatments have been prescribed for you by your physician and never be used in place of such treatment without first obtaining your Doctors permission .  

 Herbs, Flower and Crystal Essences and Botanical Essential Oils can generally be used with and enhance almost any other form of therapy, however I do recommend that anyone becoming my client makes sure that they first see their primary care physician to properly diagnose and begin treatment for any physical or emotional dis/ease they may have.






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Kitchen Apothecary: Master Cleansers and Anti-inflammatoryTeas!

Tinctures, Tonics and Teas: MasterCleansers

Tinctures, Tonics and Teas: MasterCleansers

Oh Dear...There are those in living in my house who have not been eating as well as they should be and one in particular who finally confessed to me after I commented on his pasty countenance that he had been sneaking too many protein bars and Acai Energizer Smoothies as well as the more than occasional Starbucks.  

It doesn't surprise me...Jim is always on the go and does more things in a day than an energizer bunny. But, it's finally caught up with him. I keep teasing him that he's past 50 now and that he should just do everything that I say,  but you know that dog won't hunt! Joint pains, back pains , too many meals eaten out and too much fatigue have finally driven him straight back to my kitchen. He's on a quest to rebuild his energy and his adrenal glands naturally and the first place to start is with a good Master Cleanser and a recommitment to a great vegetarian diet!  

I've used the Master Cleanser for years whenever I've needed to give my body a jump start. It was intially given to me by my teacher LaWanna, but I've seen many variations of this over the years. Right now we're working on cleansing my husbands overall body but especially his liver which is sluggish and fairly angry at him. Too much sugar and meat will do that and this is the best way that I know to bring about the needed balance quickly! 

The Master Cleanser is a combination of spring water, maple syrup, cayenne Pepper and either lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar. I know that it sounds horrid, but it's actually delicious, a bit like a spicy lemonade. I add very fine olive oil to mine. I've known people to fast on simply this drink for several weeks at a time although I don't encourage it because I think that it's too hard on the tooth enamel.Several days at a time won't hurt though and what I will say, is that after only two days of drinking the Master Cleanser (jars shown above) as well as  my Anti-inflammatory tea ( in the red pot) made fresh from Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, Spearmint,Turmeric, Stevia and Raspberry leaves he's already begun to feel an increase in his energy and better circulation throughtout his body.

Cayenne is a fabulous  gift to the  cardiovascular systems and is also a wonderfully warming spice  for anyone suffering from arthritis, bursitis or any other joint problems. Apple cider vinegar helps to move the body towards a better acid/ alkaline  balance  and  is truly beneficial for anyone whose general nature is too bitter or acidic. Those who are agressive by nature tend to produce more acid in their systems and those who eat meat and sugar on a regular basis are especially prone to these inbalances. Maple sugar is a wonderful blood sugar regulator and a wonderful source of natural energy and I include the olive oil  because it has such antioxidant qualities and the ability to help control high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

In about a week he'll move on to fresh juices , plenty of salads and steamed vegetables with fresh goat cheese , lots of yummy grains and a teaspoon or two of French Green clay and more raw vinegar in those juices to help detoxify the colon. 

 If you'd like to try the master cleanser it's extremely easy to make! Just take two tablespoons of maple syrup, the juice of one lemon or 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of good olive oil , as much cayenne pepper as you can tolerate and mix it into a glass of spring water. It should be room temperature. You can drink this several times a day in place of your normal caffeinated drink and I think that you'll be surprised by how much natural energy you'll have. This is a good recipe to keep around for cold and flu season too. It's one of my my go-to remedies at first sign of a cold because it works so well and truth be told when shaken with some ice and a jigger of vodka or sake does make one of the most delightful martinis ever! (Sans the olive oil of course!)



Wise Woman Traditions ~ Belladonna


“BELLADONNA, n. In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.” Ambrose Bierce

This is the beautiful Belladonna , more commonly known as the Deadly Nightshade. It is one of my favorite plants and I can never bring myself to pull it out of the beds. She winds herself around everything and anything and her beautiful flowers weave the loveliest and most bewitching purple spell all over my gardens. As beautiful as this plant is , it is also quite dangerous as its main constituent is Atropine ; a pretty deadly poison. the plant produces berries which are sweet and juicy , gorgeous and incredibly toxic which is probably why you don't see it hanging around in very many gardens.
Most people are astonished to find out that this lovely lady is a direct relative of so many of our culinary favorites, Tomatoes, Potatoes and Peppers are all part of the nightshade family. This is also why one of the first foods that I remove from anyones diet when they come to me for food recommendations for allergies are these three plants. People can have nightshade allergies for decades and never realize it until you remove them for two weeks. Once they are out of your diet for awhile and you put them back in, if you are allergic to them you realize it quickly. As much as I love eggplant I can't eat it. The second I do, I get blisters in my mouth. It's tragic, but when you know it's familial origins it really makes sense.  
Belladonna has some pretty incredible healing properties. Because of it's deadly qualities , I use it energetically,  Belladonna is my go to plant whenever I'm feeling a bit nervous or stressed. She has the loveliest sedative properties so I just go into my garden and sit with her for awhile. I've also discovered that if I'm wanting to understand a situation clearly that if I simply ask her for some guidance that the beautiful Belladonna will help to open up my third eye, giving me the vision that I need to see and understand the situation more fully. Belladonna is also a powerful antispasmodic so those with chronic IBS, IBD and Crohns might easily benefit from spending a little bit of time in conversation with this ancient and very wise lady!
Once again, all parts of the Deadly Nightshade are very poisonous, so please don't ever attempt to use it internally or even applied topically as a poultice or ointment!
Now for a little Belladonna by Siouxsie and the Banshees!