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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: I Am Asking

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: The Gift of a Lifetime



Alex Gehring and LaWanna Rine on her 87th Birthday

     When I became aware of two little words they changed my life.  I found by using the two words I could create a new Universe within me and around me.  So I started playing with them as Love Words!  As I played with them my world changed.  I removed myself from a hospital death bed to creating "The I Am Temple of Radiant Light", and "Lotus Lodge Health Retreat." 

       I was told if I spent 5 minutes in the sun it would kill me.  I spent from May through to October tearing a barn down to get the timber, beams and stones and haul them to my Holy Land.  By October I had taken all my vacation in the sun.  I was healed!  That was in 1972-1974 creating a place for people to come to get healthy.

     The secret was and is the third word after the two - I Am Love - always using a positive word with I Am.  I have created paradise - I Am living the Golden age 6-22- 1912.  I Am free to be who I came to earth to be. 

                           I Am Divine Love and Light.

                                   LaWanna Rine

LaWanna can be reached for workshops and lectures at 330-878-7379

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