Tinctures ,Tonics and Teas: The Legend of the Four Thieves and the Healing Herbs and Oils that inspired it!
Kitchen Apothecary: The Taste of Love in Food

Wise Woman Traditions: Reiki and Other Healing Services

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"Healing is very different than curing, just as the work of healers is very different from that of medical doctors. Healing is the act of ridding your body of the conditions that create and support disease. Most of the illnesses that people suffer from today arise primarily from lifestyle - related causes, such as stress, diet and lack of exercise. changes in these areas can eliminate many illnesses. "

Susan West Kurz


Reiki/ Energy/Body-Work

The statement above is beautiful and succinct, but I'd make it even simpler and say that creating harmony and balance in all areas of your life allows your beauty to begin to glow and grow from within. I have been a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist for almost 30 years as well as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and healer who works with energy through the laying on of hands.

Upon request I will perform distance Reiki if needed or if you wish you can come to my studio for a full Reiki/Energy treatment complete with relaxing aromatherapy, reflexology, ambient  aromatics and sound. Give yourself the gift of an hour of bone deep relaxation and healing with me as your guide. I use only the richest blends of organic botanical oils and hydrosols designed to allow you to enjoy the most relaxing of healing experiences. 

75.00 a session / 1 Hour "in person" or distance healing 


Kitchen Apothecary

 Most people discover the benefits of traditional herbalism and other botanical treatments when they discover that they have a serious illness or feel as if they've been given up on or fallen through the cracks of the traditional allopathic system. What's missing? More than likely a healthy dose of Vitamin L, or that which I call the "Art of putting love into your food!" Herbs and specific foods can be used to support the healing process and even help to prevent disease, while nurturing and nourishing the whole being. I will teach you how to promote healing through the preparation of exquisite yet healthy foods.  

I will take a detailed health history from you, which will contain any prescriptions that you are currently taking , your dietary habits and how you exercise. This will also include multi-generational family history, food choices past and present and your past and present health concerns. We will then discuss together a health and wellness plan that will address your diet and possibly include specific whole foods, herbs and spices, herbal supplements, teas, flower essences, or other holistic health support.  

 $75.00 First session / 1 Hour In person or  Skype/phone consultation

$40.00 For 30 minute follow up phone or Skype sessions  


Living Loving Food 

I learned to cook when my mother went back to work. Everyday when I got home from school (I was 11 at the time) my mother would call and she'd say, "take the leg of lamb out of the refrigerator" and then teach me to prepare it over the phone. She was able to be descriptive in a way that was actually better than if she'd shown me herself and because I was doing all of the work, I learned to cook very well.

She was patient, a very good teacher and she taught me not only the basics of cooking, but because she really understood food, she was able to teach me to use what I'd learned to create delicious food that was healing and full of love.  It is a joy to pass on what I learned from her to you. If you'd like personal cooking instruction from me and you're not in my area, I can easily work with you over the phone.  If you're in the Cleveland area, I will happily arrange a time to come to your home and play with you in your kitchen!

Just email me and we'll arrange a time that I will set aside especially for you! Include your name, phone number and email.  I'll then send you a number where you'll be able to reach me for 2.00 a minute and I'll teach you to create a wonderful meal of your choosing or whatever it is you'd like to learn to cook. No request is too daunting! Every request is loads of fun!

 Please email me at beth.gehring@stirringthesenses.com to schedule an Living Loving Food, Kitchen Apothecary or Reiki Session. 



Please note: 

I am not a registered nutritionist , dietician or personal trainer. I am a Board Certified Holistic Health  practitioner. Any advice that is given is based upon my own personal observations, opinions or experiences I've had in life and the training that I've accrued.  

 Many don't realize this but the  craft of herbalism is not regulated nor licensed by any governing body in the US. There are no real legal title designations for American herbalism.To maintain personal standards and relay the degree of learning obtained, herbalists in America typically use the title their school or teacher gave them . Use your own instincts to determine the level of expertise possessed by any practitioner that you consider using to help you enhance your health and well being. I am of the opinion myself that this places the onus on us to be teachers who will help you in your quest for wellness and that if we do our job right you'll be able to understand and utilize these plants, foods and extracts yourself for your overall wellbeing.

As an Herbalist/Aromatherapist I will not ever diagnose your condition , treat you medically or interfere with any treatment that your Doctor may have prescribed. Keep in mind that every person and every body is different. Don't expect to have the same results as me (or anyone else). And while I don't think any of my behaviors are risky, they may be risky for you depending on your own personal health.  Herbs, Flower Essences and Essential Oils should always complement whatever treatments have been prescribed for you by your physician and never be used in place of such treatment without first obtaining your Doctors permission .  

 Herbs, Flower and Crystal Essences and Botanical Essential Oils can generally be used with and enhance almost any other form of therapy, however I do recommend that anyone becoming my client makes sure that they first see their primary care physician to properly diagnose and begin treatment for any physical or emotional dis/ease they may have.



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