Nov 27, 2012
Enchanting Objects: Christmas at the Village Herb Shop

Reading Tea Leaves: scenes from a Pearl Street Tea Shop

Last week in Boulder I had the opportunity to stroll down Pearl Street for awhile. I'm no stranger there, but I always return because its still one of the places in America where the shops are mostly wonderful boutiques ... Places built on individual dreams and lively personal visions chock full of glorious merchandise, much of it handcrafted and unique.

After eating one of the yummiest hot dogs I'd ever tasted, I found myself at this lovely tea house after a spirited hike up Flaggstaff Mountain with my family and I was thirsty! Everyone else ran to the nearest Starbucks but I wanted something just a bit more real. Walking through the door I was sure I'd entered paradise... The teas were gorgeous and beautifully displayed and there was a quiet and cozy tea room in the back. I wandered from front to back, sniffed and tasted and finally settled on a lovely handcrafted ( whisk and all!) glass of powdered Matcha green tea that was lightly sweetened and milky with some of those wonderful tapioca bubbles in the bottom that you have to suck through an enormous straw.

Looking outside about 10 minutes later I was astonished to see this amazing sunset.

It was a perfect finish to a perfect day...
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