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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Today is the Day of Opportunity


Photogrpah of Birch candles courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Each day brings gifts - we have the potential to mold with our creative thought forms and energetic feelings whatever we desire, forget about yesterday and tomorrow!  We are standing on the threshold of a light that is eternal - we can blow, blow, blow, and no way take advantage - surround yourself in light - see every cell in your body vibrating with light - the wider you open the door to your heart- the more gifts and opportunities you will find.

    Please - please - look the light is within!  Deep within your hearts - picture yourself as a candle - let you light shine- when that light shall blaze through every life stream let it blaze, let it blaze!  Within every heart the spirit shall lift higher and higher-  rise up, throw off the darkness that has dimmed the radiation of Its natural estate!  Each individual will contribute to The Light Of the World.  The song "Light your candle and let it shine"  comes to mind, why don't you get rid of that bushel basket you've been hiding your light under and let your light shine so that all might see how beautiful the light is, and how beautiful the world is. 

    The more I turn the light up the more good comes to me and shines its light over others in the world.    It inspires them to run, not crawl, to sing, not grumble.  This turns their light on automatically!  I dare you to hold your candle high and create a new world around you.  Charge your batteries with God love, God peace and God's light!  You'll be surprised, no work at all,  just play.  I play with the light, I walk in the light, I radiate the light, I am the light of God.

Go with Love,


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