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Love Letters From Lotus Lodge: Stoned


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As I walked my lane this morning my "I Am Presence" drew my attention to all the stones - energy -energy - energy - each side of the lane where beautiful stones dressed in green Moss!  I wear green on Thursday "beloved Hilarion day" manifesting wealth, health, concentration, consecration, speaking your truth.  Indeed Truth was flowing through me - even the stones underneath my feet blessed me!     

    I have stones on my property from the Ice Age!  As I putmy hand to my heart to bless the stones- energy flowed from the Malachite necklace I was wearing for creativity, protection and confidence.  I have just started walking my lane again  due to the the hip injury I sustained last year - and I wear different stones each day - to tune into the highest energy of the day!  My solar plexus, the third Chakra, and my heart chakra received an extra burst of energy and divine protection.

    As I walk my path through the day  the stones I am guided to carry or wear  inspire me to think and feel positive - we not only need to protect ourselves from the stresses of the outside world, but from negative thoughts and feelings that we create  within.

Some of my favorites:  Lapidolite: soothes the emotional body, relieving stress (stress is the number cause of dis-ease), enhancing meditation, peace, serenity, love, divine connection - all the chakras especially heart chakra!  Sugilite: dreams, spiritual, protection and purification helps one to become a beacon of light.  Amethyst: one of my favorites - protection, purification, divine connection release addictions - chakra third eye crown - also chakras above the head.  I love combining this stone with my golden rutilated quartz -expanding awareness, acceleration grounding all chakras. 

Try these stones: Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Azeztulite, herderite, brookite, petalite, Tibetan tektite, plus many more. These precious minerals are the angel's sensory organs - when I hold a stone and feel some sort of a current, I am connecting with the spiritual world. These beautiful stones and minerals help me to connect to my spiritual destiny and the desire to serve the world, by getting stoned!

    My favorite source of stones: The V Rock Shop in Canton, Ohio, The heart of it all. 

Go with love,


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