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Love Letters From Lotus Lodge: Add More Spice to Life and Live!



    I love my spices - every morning on my old fashion oats , cinnamon and turmeric - raw honey, cranberry juice or grape juice.  Blueberries or blackberries and lots of raw nuts (no peanuts)!  Cinnamon is one of the most ancient of all spices,  in Rome, it was valued more than gold - I suggest 1 or 2 tsp a day to ahelp lower the blood sugar.  Cinnamon is a top spice for survival,  I grind mine from cinnamon sticks.  I also use cinnamon oil (but make sure that it's the real stuff)!

 Cumin is another spice that's also worth it's weight in gold! ;  a potent natural medicine and food!  Great for digestive and circulatory disorders, cumin has also been of great use  to strngthen the liver and pancreas.  It is a great aid in destroying the larvae and eggs of parasites!  I love cumin to keep fungal growth at bay and cumin also aids the body  in removal of toxic chemicals.  

 Fennel gives physical strength and endurance.  I use fennel seeds when brewing my pot of herbal tea - daily!  This helps my digestive  system, weight balance, gas, bloating, also helps to improve vision and increases the life span because a Healthy liver = healthy life! 

   There is ancient proverb that claims that if sage is consumed every day, the individual shall never grow old!  I add sage to different foods to extend my shelf life!  Edible sage oil made from the wildcrafted herb is the type I use for my health, 3 to 4 drops daily!  I also use it on warts and skin irritations!  Another benefit is that It calms my dogs and I put a few of the ground leaves in their food several times a week to help settle their stomachs during times of stress.  It just goes to show you that everyone can use an adrenal tonic!  I love sage oil as a beauty aid -  and it goes into my tea daily!

Thyme has so many virtues, why don't you try mixing thyme into your spelt (or any other ) flour -  It makes the yummiest bread! 

    Cayenne  can stop a heart attack - but I never ever cook with cayenne - I put it on food after it's cooked, because then it's a stimulant.... if cooked with food it becomes more of an an irritant!

    Garlic is one of the most safe and versatile herbs yet I also classify it as a spice! It goes without saying how wonderful garlic is for seasoning and its very valuable for combating a wide range of illnesses - especially killing parasites, viruses and anything fungal. 

 There are so many wonderful healing spices. In my kitchen I keep them stored in glass canning jars labeled with the dates that I harvested them so I've always got the freshest herbs possible.  They are one of my favorite sources staying healthy and I never run out  of good God ideas for them - Salads, breads, soups, popcorn, vegetables... all of my foods enjoy the spice of life.  I hope that you have fun spicing up yours !!!  

                                       Go with love,

                                          LaWanna Rine

       LaWanna can be reached to set up an appointment at 330-878-7379


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