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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Why do we need special holidays to remind us?



     Why do we need special days to remind us to be grateful? 


      Are you really Thankful you live in America?  Do you spend time daily blessing Our Country; your friends, your neighbors, the earth you walk; the food you eat, the water you drink?

     Let's free mankind, let's redeem the earth.  How and why, by having conscious communication with Universal Life Energy God is!  God is everywhere.  Start acknowledging the God Presence in everything and everyone!  It is We The People who are capable through our thoughts and deeds of creating a New  Glorious Golden Age.  Start at this very moment manifesting it.  Let's work hand in hand regardless of your Religious Beliefs.  You are created with the image of God within.  It's a matter of daily and hourly living!  If you choose to shoot a fire cracker on the Fourth of July, let it be honoring your Freedom to be who you came here to be!

                                        Go With Love,



The Earth Photograph is not mine, but I do not know who to attribute it to....LaWanna can be reached at 330-878-7379


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