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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Sleep!


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The latest love letter from LaWanna...I need to preface this by saying that she is the only healer that I've ever known who has an adult sized cradle that you can be rocked to sleep in....She takes these things very seriously (luckily for me!)

What are you hiding in your bedroom?  Is it a place where you pitch things into the corner, or is your bedroom as important to you as your kitchen, living room, study?  When going to bed I surrender to a new energy entirely different from the day energy!  I am totally conscious when going to bed and I focus on the Great Energy of Light, Love, Rest and Peace.  It's a time of clarity and I ask to go to a Master Temple to be taught Love, Light and Health.


      I ask for total Divine Protection because I know I am making a transition from being conscious to unconscious and back again.  I feel such total trust that I am Divinely Protected.  I sleep with purple or violet sheets and pillow cases.  I have beautiful healing stones under my pillow.   My queen size bed has a canopy where beautiful stuff animals embedding with healing stones representing all my Love Ones.  I Bless them morning and night.  I have stars that reflect after the lights are out.  I have skylights at the head of my bed and the foot.  I can bless and be blessed by that stars at night.  Many times I have laid at the foot of my bed looking up at the full moon.  You can't wake up if you don't sleep.  I bless my bed, bed clothes and bedroom.  It is so special and wonderful energy.  My bed room is my haven of rest where Heaven and Earth merge into ONENESS and Bless my soul.  So when I awaken I can Bless others throughout the Day.

                                                               I Am Love,

                                                                  LaWanna Rine (330-878-7379)




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