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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: My Dream!



I am God inspired to create a ruby gold and violet temple on my Sacred Mountain,  Meditation Hill.  At the same time , I see a Deltic home which is designed and manifested in Asheville N. C.  It is dome shaped and I see a golden lane or path leading up to it!    

    Just as Jesus Christ took time to remove himself from the world and its requirements for so much assistance to go the hills to Pray, I am so inspired to create a beautiful temple so beings who are drawn to refuel at the cosmic fountain will take time -undivided- from the world (which you will always have with you). To come and go on a positive spiritual adventure and walk that golden path to enter the silence and draw the necessary strength and sanctity from the source of All Good afterwards refueling them so that they may dispense with uncondition love and joy to the world!  Believe me when I say that regardless of how perfectly you build the physical attributes in life without taking uninterrupted Peace go into Silence that You will have but ash in the end- Take time today for Peace!            

Any volunteers to help manifest my dream?

               I am so grateful,


LaWanna can be reached to schedule an appointment at 330-878-7379    

Photograph courtesy of www.clipartsand                  


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