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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Glads!

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Let's Celebrate Life in a New Way!


   When I read this I thought..what a beautiful way to start the day...Then I read a post from a friend of mine reminding me to put water out for our feathered friends who have lost their watering holes due to this awful drought.. I'm going off to buy a bird bath in honor of both of my very wise friends...

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This year I celebrated the 4th of July and it was the most peaceful July 4th I have ever experienced.  Why? No fire crackers!  After all the wars, all the shooting, killing and injury, why were fire works ever chosen to celebrate the end of any war?  The Tuesday evening before the 4th, fire works went on until after midnight, which was very disturbing, but on the 4th it was peaceful, quiet and serene. 


    We have been experiencing hot and dry weather and the drought  warning went out, Danger.... no fireworks, there was something good born out of the negative.  I have often wondered? When a wounded war veteran hears a fire cracker, if he is physically able, does he jump a mile?  I do and I have never experienced actual fighting.  I live in 25 acres of sacred land-bordering my beautiful sacred forest.  There is a shooting range adjacent- my dogs and I run in the house when the shooting begins.  At times I know beautiful deer are being shot for the SPORT! Why are little boys given guns as toys?


    I choose to take children hiking through the woods- climbing rocks- bird walks- identify plant life.  Could we use the 4Th of July as a sacred time to share peace and love, and start stimulating interest in creative thinking and a time to inspire spiritual awakening to nature.  America has many beautiful parks, forest, filled with nature and also beautiful zoos where we can go to learn..


    Let teachers spend more time out doors with students.  Let nature be the external libraries for knowledge and wisdom.


    As a child in North Carolina, I remember walking four miles to learn Bible verses on the side of a cow pasture, taught by college students.  If parents and schools started from the earliest year- children living as much as possible in the great out of doors - bathing in the sunshine, making companions of birds, flowers, insects, rocks and soil, they would observe the life force flowing through them.  What a difference that would make.  Adults have created children with electrical boxes in their hands and running out their ears by example -never to late!


    Next year let's celebrate the 4th of July guided by high ideals and lofty thoughts - partake of Nature- feel God- Life surging into manifestation -directing the heart center within to a deepening compassion for mankind.  Then the voice will have the power to command- use your eyes to behold perfection and spending more time in nature will magnetize energy from the universal mind ideas never yet manifested for the benefits of mankind.


    We could have schools for adults to understand and educate- to lead forth "into concrete manifestation the God-Potential- within and within the child, schools, churches, families.  Go to nature and celebrate daily life in a new way....

                             I am expressing this today in the center of nature,

                                                         Go with Love, LaWanna 

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