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July 2012

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Let's Celebrate Life in a New Way!


   When I read this I thought..what a beautiful way to start the day...Then I read a post from a friend of mine reminding me to put water out for our feathered friends who have lost their watering holes due to this awful drought.. I'm going off to buy a bird bath in honor of both of my very wise friends...

This beautiful photograph is courtesy of http://farm1.staticflickr.com/


This year I celebrated the 4th of July and it was the most peaceful July 4th I have ever experienced.  Why? No fire crackers!  After all the wars, all the shooting, killing and injury, why were fire works ever chosen to celebrate the end of any war?  The Tuesday evening before the 4th, fire works went on until after midnight, which was very disturbing, but on the 4th it was peaceful, quiet and serene. 


    We have been experiencing hot and dry weather and the drought  warning went out, Danger.... no fireworks, there was something good born out of the negative.  I have often wondered? When a wounded war veteran hears a fire cracker, if he is physically able, does he jump a mile?  I do and I have never experienced actual fighting.  I live in 25 acres of sacred land-bordering my beautiful sacred forest.  There is a shooting range adjacent- my dogs and I run in the house when the shooting begins.  At times I know beautiful deer are being shot for the SPORT! Why are little boys given guns as toys?


    I choose to take children hiking through the woods- climbing rocks- bird walks- identify plant life.  Could we use the 4Th of July as a sacred time to share peace and love, and start stimulating interest in creative thinking and a time to inspire spiritual awakening to nature.  America has many beautiful parks, forest, filled with nature and also beautiful zoos where we can go to learn..


    Let teachers spend more time out doors with students.  Let nature be the external libraries for knowledge and wisdom.


    As a child in North Carolina, I remember walking four miles to learn Bible verses on the side of a cow pasture, taught by college students.  If parents and schools started from the earliest year- children living as much as possible in the great out of doors - bathing in the sunshine, making companions of birds, flowers, insects, rocks and soil, they would observe the life force flowing through them.  What a difference that would make.  Adults have created children with electrical boxes in their hands and running out their ears by example -never to late!


    Next year let's celebrate the 4th of July guided by high ideals and lofty thoughts - partake of Nature- feel God- Life surging into manifestation -directing the heart center within to a deepening compassion for mankind.  Then the voice will have the power to command- use your eyes to behold perfection and spending more time in nature will magnetize energy from the universal mind ideas never yet manifested for the benefits of mankind.


    We could have schools for adults to understand and educate- to lead forth "into concrete manifestation the God-Potential- within and within the child, schools, churches, families.  Go to nature and celebrate daily life in a new way....

                             I am expressing this today in the center of nature,

                                                         Go with Love, LaWanna 

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An easy lovely summer breakfast!


One of the things that  I do miss the most on my gluten free diet is cheesecake! However I found this delightful baked lemon flavored ricotta cheese at Whole Foods yesterday and turned it into .......

Baked ricotta
Lemon Baked RIcotta

Freshly baked, lemon infused buffalo ricotta with raspberries, lemon balm, lemon basil,lemon thyme and a drizzle of raw honey...

The easiest  loveliest summer breakfast!
Such an easy gluten free breakfast!

Bubbling in the Cauldron: Carrots!


I do so love carrots! When I was a pigtailed horse crazy girl, they were my favorite snack and life was a delightful and always present struggle between me and my ponies as to who would get to the carrots that I had stuffed into my pockets first.

It wasn’t until many years later that I learned to appreciate them eaten any other way than raw. Carrots were an integral part of many a midwinters eve steaming hot bran mash for my horses at Windesphere, being a root vegetable they are such a superb source of grounding, warming and nutrient dense energy.
I loved to walk into my barn on Christmas morning, give each of my horses a flake or two of hay and grab their buckets into which I would ladle a scoop or two of bran and a handful or two of dried beet pulp beforeheading towards my kitchen. Once there I would turn on the Christmas carols and start to chop. Handfuls of sweet apples went into each bucket first as well as a cup of the flax seed which had been simmering in a crockpot all night and turning itself into a nutritious jelly. Several heaping tablespoons of local raw honey were next, as well as a clove or two of pressed garlic and a cup of dried red clover blossoms and a small handful of dried mint. Then I would add the carrots that I’d shred in the Cuisinart, 3 handfuls for each horse filled with sweet, earthy juicy goodness. I'd cover each bucket with about 2 quarts of steaming hot water, stir, let sit for about 3 minutes and serve.

Carrots are still a constant source of happiness for me and I try to always have a patch of them growing in sandy spot in my garden. I love the way that they smell when they’re just moments out of the earth, like sugar and sun and cinnamon and dirt. They’re dense, sweet and strong; they tend to be ready to eat at the same time that we’re about to turn inward, away from the cold. I must be honest here and say that the little baby ones that you find in fancy (read FAWNNNcy!) restaurants are not my favorites. I appreciate their cuteness, but they lack the meaty, earthy flavor that I crave. Carrots, like beets, turnips and rutabagas and onions and garlic need their time in the earth to be as potent as I like them. They need to live with their roots buried deep in the dirt through the first crisp snaps of fall, the first frost and the first flutters of snow. That is whenthey firmly anchor themselves to the soil, looking for warmth and producing the generous grounding energies that we use to keep ourselves warm all winter long. I love them in all of their colors, bright yellows, rich warm burgundies and even white and shades of purple! I do not like, nor will you ever see me use those cut up shaved down little ovalorange things that come in bags. By the time you get them, they’ve lost all of their carroty goodness. Don’t waste your money. Even if you think that your child doesn’t like carrots just hand your child a real one someday complete with the leafy fronds and see what happens. If you give him a homemade dip of yogurt sweetened with maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice , you’ll see a complete and total transformation!

Carrots are a simple vegetable and they do best either with simple pairings of herbs , spice and fruits or cooked for hours in long slow braises where they infuse their sweetness into the basting juices of a roasted chicken or beef roast. My mother used to cook them simply, quickly sliced and steamed, then sautéed with a knob of fresh butter , salt , pepper and dill. That’s really all they need. I think that most people’s aversion to cooked carrots comes from that hideous (and I apologize in advance if anyone truly loves these) dish called “glazed carrots". I’ve never understood that recipe, carrots being so naturally sweet that they really don’t need a glaze, especially one of thickened orange juice concentrate, sugar and cinnamon.

If you’re wanting your carrots sweetened then I think that it’s better to make a Tzimmes, which is a delicious Sephardic stew of carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and dried fruit slowly braised together with a bit afreshly squeezed orange juice and liberally laced with cumin, cardamom and cinnamon. This is actually so delicious that I’ve served it warm over fresh vanilla bean ice cream with a dollop of freshly whipped maple syrup sweetened whipped cream. Yes I know, I’m definitely not the queen of understatement and trust me, don’t be put off by the onion. Onions are sweet by nature so they caramelize and blend beautifully with everything mentioned here. In the late summer or fall, serve it with the ice cream and in the winter serve it over the top of warm rice pudding. Trust me on this.

My easiest summertime carrot recipe? Throw several large cut up carrots into the vitamix with 1 quart of chicken or vegetable broth. Add salt and pepper to taste, the juice of one lemon and it’s zest and a handful of fresh dill. Process on high for a few moments and add one large ball of fresh burrata cheese. (Burrata means buttered! Don’t you love that!) Process until smooth and reheat and serve quickly with a drizzle of walnut oil. You can serve this soup chilled by adjusting the seasonings which will need to be a little stronger. A plate of wonderful raw milk cheeses and a chilled Riesling is all you need for company! Well that and a few spritzes of Dior's Escale a Portofino & Pondicherry, my scents for today!

How do you like to eat your carrots and what's your favorite eau de toilette for these blistery hot summer days? Recipes and suggestions please!

This was first posted in Perfume Smellin Things! Photographs are not mine, but the true sources are unknown.

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Let's Celebrate today as New Earth Day!


   JULY 17, 2012    


    We celebrate Christmas!     

    We celebrate Easter!

    We Celebrate the 4th of July!      

    We celebrate our Birthdays!

    Why celebrate Earth Day?


    I love Mother Earth - I bless it Daily, it is our home.  Many people have given their lives to save her   for us.


    I was up at six A.M. - walking my land (God's Land) with my dogs - blessing the Earth, Sky, Sun, Trees, Streams... Heaven on Earth.  As I bless Mother Earth - the blessings flow around me - through me-what I think what I feel- becomes my Reality!


    I am imaging Earth and Heaven merging, thrilling- swirling- A New Earth Day, another opportunity to Awaken the Universe to clean house -our thoughts and feelings, if less than perfect.  Rather than saying "what is this Earth coming to" in a negative way, let it be a New Beginning make it a Heaven on Earth Day filled with gratitude, harmony, love and devotion. Celebrate New Earth Day with me today!



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Photo courtesy of http://www.insightanimalwellbeing.com

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: My Dream!



I am God inspired to create a ruby gold and violet temple on my Sacred Mountain,  Meditation Hill.  At the same time , I see a Deltic home which is designed and manifested in Asheville N. C.  It is dome shaped and I see a golden lane or path leading up to it!    

    Just as Jesus Christ took time to remove himself from the world and its requirements for so much assistance to go the hills to Pray, I am so inspired to create a beautiful temple so beings who are drawn to refuel at the cosmic fountain will take time -undivided- from the world (which you will always have with you). To come and go on a positive spiritual adventure and walk that golden path to enter the silence and draw the necessary strength and sanctity from the source of All Good afterwards refueling them so that they may dispense with uncondition love and joy to the world!  Believe me when I say that regardless of how perfectly you build the physical attributes in life without taking uninterrupted Peace go into Silence that You will have but ash in the end- Take time today for Peace!            

Any volunteers to help manifest my dream?

               I am so grateful,


LaWanna can be reached to schedule an appointment at 330-878-7379    

Photograph courtesy of www.clipartsand crafts.com                  

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Why do we need special holidays to remind us?



     Why do we need special days to remind us to be grateful? 


      Are you really Thankful you live in America?  Do you spend time daily blessing Our Country; your friends, your neighbors, the earth you walk; the food you eat, the water you drink?

     Let's free mankind, let's redeem the earth.  How and why, by having conscious communication with Universal Life Energy God is!  God is everywhere.  Start acknowledging the God Presence in everything and everyone!  It is We The People who are capable through our thoughts and deeds of creating a New  Glorious Golden Age.  Start at this very moment manifesting it.  Let's work hand in hand regardless of your Religious Beliefs.  You are created with the image of God within.  It's a matter of daily and hourly living!  If you choose to shoot a fire cracker on the Fourth of July, let it be honoring your Freedom to be who you came here to be!

                                        Go With Love,



The Earth Photograph is not mine, but I do not know who to attribute it to....LaWanna can be reached at 330-878-7379

The Reluctant Healer: The Joy of Reinventing Yourself and Living your life as a work of art!



I've been meaning to write this for several weeks now, but the truth is that I've been too busy in my garden! The summers intense heat has required me to water constantly, but we've had a bit of rain this week so I'm taking a moment to really enjoy some quiet time and to reflect upon the last few months. Many of you know that in January I began a year long certification program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, which will be complete in Midwinter 2013 which I am loving. I thought that would be enough to keep me occupied for a while, but since my father died I feel an urgency to get to it...to grow all of the seeds that were planted in my heart so many years ago. So I'm about 20 days from finishing up my Reiki Masters level training and in a month or two will be embarking on a three year journey to become a  Community Herbalist. Oh and did I mention that in a few months I will be certified to teach David Wolfes theories of Raw Food and Longevity? Phew...I am studying all of the time right now and it really feels good! Right now, this monastic life suits me...I'm a bit like a cloistered monk with gorgeous gardens full of healing plants, ripening raspberries and plenty of cats....The life I've always wanted!


I must say that It is facinating to be reinventing myself at this late date but I seem to have no choice in the matter!  I'm exploring possibilities for this next part of my life that I've never even considered….like a new career with my husband combining everything I/we love…life coaching, healing work, organic food, sustainable living, herbalism, social media and beautiful living and entertaining….I don't know what this looks like, perhaps it would be clearer to say that I've already started to plant this particular hedgerow, but not ever really fertilized the soil so that they could grow! 

421915_10150716235046083_117320471082_11650380_41663748_n copy 2

For me, the healing work has always been something that I came to reluctantly, although from the time that I was very young I showed real talent for it. I almost started a blog once called The Reluctant Healer, but I didn't..that's how reluctant I've been! Hence this new category of The WIndesphere Witch!  For some reason in this part of my life (I'm 52) it feels really appropriate to finally let the genie out of the bottle…..I don't care anymore what others think and that's a true blessing. I've learned that you can't ignore yourself forever without losing a huge chunk of your soul….When my dad died recently, being a part of his process brought it back to me. I can't , nor do I wish to turn back the clock simply because of what anyone might think or say about me. I've been a happy little good witch since I was a little kid and although I laughingly have acknowledged it, I've never fully embraced it.  I'm ready to have the full out crystal filled,wand waving,  spell casting magical life that I always dreamed was possible..that I've kept hidden in the closet because of my "social standing" and what others might think…… truth is, I've never really been able to hide it..people always knew....I guess I'm just ready to enjoy it. So what about you? Are any of you feeling a push to recreate your life and what steps are you taking to do it? 


Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Sleep!


Photograph courtesy of http://minimalistfurnituredesign.com/

The latest love letter from LaWanna...I need to preface this by saying that she is the only healer that I've ever known who has an adult sized cradle that you can be rocked to sleep in....She takes these things very seriously (luckily for me!)

What are you hiding in your bedroom?  Is it a place where you pitch things into the corner, or is your bedroom as important to you as your kitchen, living room, study?  When going to bed I surrender to a new energy entirely different from the day energy!  I am totally conscious when going to bed and I focus on the Great Energy of Light, Love, Rest and Peace.  It's a time of clarity and I ask to go to a Master Temple to be taught Love, Light and Health.


      I ask for total Divine Protection because I know I am making a transition from being conscious to unconscious and back again.  I feel such total trust that I am Divinely Protected.  I sleep with purple or violet sheets and pillow cases.  I have beautiful healing stones under my pillow.   My queen size bed has a canopy where beautiful stuff animals embedding with healing stones representing all my Love Ones.  I Bless them morning and night.  I have stars that reflect after the lights are out.  I have skylights at the head of my bed and the foot.  I can bless and be blessed by that stars at night.  Many times I have laid at the foot of my bed looking up at the full moon.  You can't wake up if you don't sleep.  I bless my bed, bed clothes and bedroom.  It is so special and wonderful energy.  My bed room is my haven of rest where Heaven and Earth merge into ONENESS and Bless my soul.  So when I awaken I can Bless others throughout the Day.

                                                               I Am Love,

                                                                  LaWanna Rine (330-878-7379)