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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Did you know that you are an artist?

Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Today is the Day!



 Ascension Flame

May 20th. - June 20th.  We have been Blessed with Great Gifts;  The Balancing of the Male - Female Energy - Solar eclipse.  Let's feel Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy flow through Our Body Temples - and Live to Express Each moment the Gift given each of us to use to Balance the Energy of our Universe. 

Today is a great opportunity to Live our Life to the Fullest - This Solstice is the Bench Mark of Ascension Today As we honor THE ASCENSION FLAME Which is the WAY BACK HOME,  for all mankind. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART is! It can ascend any and all conditions _ This day focus on the White Flame of Purity, Resurrection and Ascension.


 Today is the Day to Release Our Consciousness and allow It to Ascend above distress onto Peace From Poverty and Opulence, from Discord into Perfection, To ascend and condition from Limitation into Harmony.  This year we are given the activities of Divine Alchemy.  It has taken 880 to 90 years of bringing forth The Great Golden Age!  Today is the Day to MASTER OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and fellow being with the Ascension Flame.

                            Go with Love,

                              Lawanna Rine

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Photograph courtesy of tribe.net


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