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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Did you know that you are an artist?



Did you know you are an Artist?   How to become a great artist?  Did you know the cure is within? 

 YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS  is the Canvas of your mind!  There is no limitation to the perfection you can draw on the canvas of your mind.  Let's wipe the canvas clean and start over!

       Have fun!  Experiment with you powers of creation in the realms of your consciousness!  Visualize the sun rays coming through your head and opening your consciousness to the Great Creator within- you are unlimited!  You may walk freely through the Great Corridors of Rooms of The Kingdom (Heaven) within!  Use the Rainbow to create your palettes!  Topaz blue - God's Power, God's strength yellow God's illumination, God's wisdom!  Intense pink- God's Divine Love-  White ascending higher and resurrecting you!  Emerald green- God's health, wealth, concentration, consecration, speaking your truth!  Ruby pink God's peace, healing, grace, ministration.  Violet- mercy, compassion, invocation, freedom transmutation use and visualize these colors on the canvas of you mind. Intense and pure-no dull faded colors,  What a painting your have creative using God's rainbow the highest vibration. 

         Feel your consciousness changing!  The feeling would contains 90% of your energy.  As your consciousness is the canvas of your mind, what you think and feel creates the canvas.  What are you presenting to the world?  There is no time nor space in consciousness- you are free to dwell in the realm of perfect expression, or create a dull , dark blurring canvas.  What is your quality of thought and feeling?  You are a creature of thought and feeling make sure your quality of thought creates a canvas that AWES AND OH'S the Universe.


        Make a wonderful servant out of your feeling world and DRAW the POWER of LIGHT and GOOD GOD GIFTS (Ideas).  Consciously through your feeling world create within a force field of Peace and Love!


        Now your a Master of Your Own Life-  Keep creating with God Energy Flowing through you.


     Now Go Paint Your Canvas of Life.    

Rev. LaWanna Rine- 330-878-7379


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