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It's a Gypsy Blog Party ! Off dancing in the moonlight with a naughty band of Gypsy's!

Picnik collage

I've always wanted a real gypsy wagon for my horses and although that will probably always be more of a dream than a reality when the opportunity came up to be a part of the Gypsy Blog Party with the invitation to "Pull the wagons around the fire" I couldn't resist becoming a part of it!  Many thanks to my new friend Celia, whom I've just met but who has inspired me to dream big! Please be sure to go to "My Gypsy Dreams!" and enjoy the fabulous creativity of the wonderful women who are sitting around this luscious circle with me!  

Because I'm a writer, lifestyle designer and definitely a dreamer, the thought of having a space that is all my own really appeals to me. I don't have one yet in our new house, I currently share an office with my husband, but this started me thinking about what it might look like if I had  a little room of my own.  Currently the closest space is my kitchen, but I've started thinking about this really comfy little space that's in our bedroom. When we redid our home, we added an extra closet and it divided the space in half leaving a space that is just the size of a wagon. It's got an overhead light built in for reading and it's got two gorgeous windows that overlook several trees and an antique lilac that blooms gorgeously purple , exquisitely scented bushels of flowers in the spring.

The walls are painted cream and navy blue, so the colors will be a perfect foil for all of the bright color that I'm craving. It's currently allright but not fantastic. I haven't been satisfied with it yet and I finally know why. As soon as I return from North Carolina I'm going to start, I'm so inspired!  I can't wait to  fill it with everything that I love, a comfy chair like the one that I'm currently nestled in filled with pillows to curl up in and one for my laptop,  a beautiful teapot and a little pie table to sit my teacups on. I'm going to section it off with a shoji screen that I'm going to drape with all of the beautiful textiles that I inherited from my mother, who would have completely adored the idea! There WILL be chocolate, lots of wonderfully scented candles, a tray for all of the delightful perfume that I get to review and plenty of room for my cats! I'll post pictures of my progress and a full unveiling when it's complete, but for now here's a little bit of inspiration! After all, what gypsy lady doesn't dream of Johnny Depp playing his guitar just for her round the fire.....


Or Lawrence Llewellyn - Bowen to help her decorate!




OMG! I just watched the movie Chocolat this past weekend....and I LOVED it....I can't not love anything with Johnny Depp in!!!! Your space sound dreamy....I can't wait to see it!! Thank you so much for participating!!

Susan G

I love your plan it sounds so wonderful!!
Keep on dreaming :)


Great collage!

Sweet gypsy dreams,

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