Miso soup with Sweet Potatoes and Kuzo Noodles
Welcome to the Practical Magic Blog Party!

It's a Practical Magic Blog Party! Join me and my friends tomorrow for Midnight Margaritas and more!

"You know the stuff everyone whispers about me... the hexes, the spells?

Here's the thing. I'm a witch!"

Eat drink and be scary
Join me tomorrow for the 2nd annual Practical Magic Blog Party , hosted by the fabulous Frosted Petunias! In honor of my favorite movie I'll be serving my Midnight Margaritas and more. To experience even more Practical Magic, go this link Practical Magic Blog Party and enjoy all of the wonderful treats waiting for you written by some of the most talented bloggers that I know. Before you leave please enjoy a bit of Stevie Nicks....but remember to pause the Ipod above so you don't have to listen to both at the same time!

Brought to you because "there's a little witch in every woman!"



Melanie Statnick

Nice post! Come visit me


Wonderful post !!! Thank you for sharing the great clip.
Have a magical day.


Is the art your own or vintage? It's lovely! Happy 2nd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party! Hope you’ll drop by: http://digginaround.blogspot.com/2011/09/practical-magic-blog-party-post.html

lisa skiles

I enjoyed your collage - you have a wonderful blog as well. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for some PM cookies.

Susan G

some many wonderful goodies!


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