A Midsummer Nights Dream Perfume Event: Whisked away by some very sweetly scented fairies.......
The Midsummer NIghts Dream Perfume Event: Another Flight of Fabulous Fairies!

Midsummer Nights Dream Scent Event! A better day awaits!

Well, you'll all remember that last week I started writing about all of the wonderful perfumey fairies that were fluttering happily in my gardens with promises of more to come. Shortly after that my 92 year old father was rushed to the ER and all thoughts of writing came to an abrupt halt. I can happily say that tonight he's back home and resting comfortably after a full week in the hospital thankfully none the worse for wear. And the good news is that I've finally been able to think about writing once again and happily the sweetly scented, gaily fluttering, mischievous  little darlings have begun to reappear .....

 On a walk this evening with my darling husband I noticed the most amazing fragrance wafting from a tree in front of me and the sound of about a thousand honeybees buzzing through the branches.  It was a Linden in totally abundant and honeyed bloom. It was one of the most gorgeous things that I've ever smelled and I immediately made a mental note to come back tomorrow with scissors and a harvesting basket. If you've never tried it, a tisane made from the lovely linden is possibly the most relaxing tea in the world...a favorite of Proust, Colette and yours truly especially when sipped with Madeleines or freshly baked shortbread. My favorite perfumes are Linden perfumes so to stand under her gorgeous branches for even a moment was completely mesmerizing and Jim had to hold on to me for dear life... Take a look for yourself! Truly only a tree full of fairies could be this intoxicating..... 


           The WIndesphere Witch will be back on Monday with more wonderful fragrance reviews of scents from the fabulous natural perfumers who are participating in this extraordinary Midsummers fragrance event! I thank you so much for your patience!



Jane Cate

Happy to hear that your father is better and at home. Take care and have peace. Looking forward to reading the rest of the reviews. Regards,JaneC

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