A Sweet and Sexy Potion for Seduction!
A Midsummer Nights Dream Perfume Event: Whisked away by some very sweetly scented fairies.......

Stay tuned for a Midsummer Night's Dream. A Frolicksome Perfume Event in several acts beginning tomorrow!

Midsummerperfumedevent (1)
I came home from New York CIty to find my gardens humming with the sweet sound and smell of some unusually lovely fey folk. They were really up to all kinds of mischief...hiding the dog's bones and filling his bowl with ripe raspberries.....Making my roses smell like the lilies and then making the lilies smell like lavender! Now, they've tied garlands of mint and nasturtiums around my little dogs head and he's lolling around on his back in the grass like one of the cats.....They obviously were trying to get me to notice them and this I did....12 bright and beautiful fairies all smelling bewitchingly of flora and fauna, beckoning me with secrets...tempting me with promises of delight. Queen Titania is here as well as her entire court and now they're festooning me with bright garlands of poppies, yarrow and thyme. I'm feeling woozy...I have no defenses against them. Would I want to? I'm having way too much fun to say no......





I can't wait to hear how the fae have compelled you!

Thank you for braving their charms!!!

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