Bewitching Words of Wisdom: Gandalf the Gray
And the winner of the 2009 Windesphere Witch Holiday Fruitcake recipe contest is...Lisa Corcoran

Announcing the 2010 Windesphere Witch Halloween Decorating Contest!

Decorating contest collage

In the spirit of the season I hope that you'll join me for the 2nd annual Windesphere Witch Halloween Decorating contest. It's simple to enter....just email pictures of your seasonal decorations as well as your mailing address  to me at [email protected]  no later than  the stroke of midnight, October the 30th. The winner will be announced and pictures of their lair will be posted on this blog on Samhain eve. If you're the lucky one, you'll receive a 50.00 dollar gift certificate from World Market!  This year, there will be a runner up prize ....a one year subscription to the new Food Network Magazine! So grab your brooms and dust off your cauldrons..Let the bewitching begin!

And..for a bit of inspiration......



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