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Food Alchemy: Tarte Tatin Semifreddo


I love apples and I adore ice cream so what better thing to do with the abundance of fresh apples to be had in the fall than combine the two! I made a Tarte Tatin yesterday, that delectable French upside down tart  and there was a bit left over. It was rich and simply loaded with butter, cinnamon and fresh apples on a flaky Pate' Brisee crust. Not wanting to waste it and simply dying to experiment with the new Cuisinart ice cream maker that I bought myself I decided to make it into something else altogether! 

The results were absolutely delicious! I simply broke up the remaining Tarte Tatin, crust and all (I am sure that this would work just as well with apple pie!) and put it into my vitamix with half and half, cinnamon, some maple syrup, fresh pecans and the left over whipped cream. I ran the Vitamix for a minute and then thought ..."hmmmm...white cheddar!" I had a brick of Dubliner so I tossed a bit of it in for good measure and the result was really incredible. There was more than enough brown sugar caramel left in the tart so I didn't need to sweeten it further and the cheddar provided a nutty saltiness that is really appealing. I chilled the mixture for a bit and poured it into the ice cream maker , following the simple instructions!


About half way through the freezing process I ran out to my yard and grabbed a handful of fresh sage that I minced and added to the mixture. 25 minutes later I was rewarded with the most wonderful ice cream. It was creamy, full of caramel apple flavor and the bits of pecan and white cheddar simply added to it's divinity. 

Simple Observations: Don't add the sage last and definitely use dried not fresh. Mine got hung up on the paddle. 

This is more of a Freddo then a ice cream due to the lack of egg and the abundance of heavy cream. Consequently, it's a bit icier...a consistency that I really like!

 Ice Cream2

                                             Tomorrow....Heirloom Tomato Sorbet:)


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