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The Storm Chaser.........

               Storm Chaser

Last night I tasted the best cocktail! We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner , a place called "Red" which is a pretty fabulous steakhouse with  French onion soup that is so good that  it can reduce me to tears! It was a lovely evening so we decided to dine alfresco. "Red" has a great cocktail menu and I was in the mood for something refreshing so I decided to try something called "The Storm Chaser" which our waiter said that he'd never tried. It promised muddled fresh strawberries and lime juice so how bad could it be?

When he brought them to us and we took our first sips we were completely bewitched. "The Storm Chaser" is a fabulously refreshing and seductive vodka cocktail with all of the right components to make it more than just a wee bit sexy. I knew that you'd want to try them too so I went home and mixed them up!  Warning....these cocktails go down way too easily. Warning number 2...Make sure that you're drinking them with  someone that you're comfortable bringing to your bed.  Something about the mixture of strawberries, ginger and lime will cause you to quickly feel very hot all over....

To make a Storm Chaser you will need:

A lovely tall glass

Three ripe juicy strawberries

A jigger of very good vodka

The juice of half of a fresh lime

One and a half tablespoons of Simple syrup

several mint leaves

1/2 cup of ginger beer

1/2 cup of branch water

1 dash of Cointreau

Place the Strawberries in the bottom of the glass and add the mint leaves and the simple syrup and muddle them with either a "muddler" or the back of a spoon. Add lots of cracked ice and pour the lime juice, ginger beer, branch water, Cointreau and vodka over the ice, stirring gently. Enjoy!


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