Image002 0312diorissimo This is Diorissimo........a fragrance by the house of Dior that hardly needs an introduction especially this time of year. It is my favorite, an absolute classic and for me nothing else will ever compare. I cannot live without it.

I will admit that I tried this fragrance for the very first time at age 18 when I discovered that it was Mick Jagger's favorite.  Once I bought my first bottle I was smitten, and although Mick never discovered that I was alive, my husband who also lives large in my imagination (and in real life!) adores it! Diorissimo is Muguet du Bois on steroids, a true Lily of the Valley fragrance and is the only one of it's kind to really capture the essence of that beautiful little flower that appears  for a fleeting few weeks in May. It is innocent yet very sexy, modern and at the same time very classic, a true enigma of a fragrance. It is very dressy with black and very playful with white linen. I love to wear it when I go riding and it smells even better mixed with the scents of saddle and forest.

At this point, you can still find Diorissimo online, but the only store that I  see it in is Saks Fifth Avenue. You will love it.....I promise.